VIDEO: With a renewed Notre Dame cathedral soon to reopen after fire, here are some insights onto the process of restoring it

In France, more than a thousand craftspeople are working to restore Paris‘ magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral.

It was badly damaged in a tragic fire caused by an illegally-smoking worker in 2019.

Having visited Notre Dame several times over the course of my life, I shared Parisians’ tears when the first videos of the fire emerged online.

I (Storm Cunningham) have to say the I find the comment of the woman doing the stained glass restoration a bit questionable, though. She says that ordinary sunlight (created by God) isn’t sacred light until it has been improved by passing through the works of man (colored glass). That sounds more like self-worship than God worship, but what do I know? I left the church when I reached the age of reason a long time ago.

Now, with the reopening soon about to happen on schedule, this brief video provides some insights into the restoration process.

Watch 5-minute video.

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