VIDEO: Women-led global resforestation organization, Treesisters, partners with the UK’s famous Boomtown Fair

The UK-based non-profit TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. They are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care.

They channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organisations in the tropics with whom we partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds behavior change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalize collective ownership of planetary restoration.

Treesisters has funded over 6,000,000 trees to date, and plants over 190,000 trees per month.

This video announces a partnership with the Boomtown Fair, and was played on the main stage after the opening ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Treesisters.

Watch 4-minute video.

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