VOLUNTEER — Assistant Project Coordinator: ReGreen the World (work from home)

The Green World Campaign (GWC) has a bold mission: ReGreen the World in One Generation—for All the Generations to Come.

It practices scaleable holistic methods of reforestation, afforestation, and eco-agriculture to restore degraded land and help struggling rural communities attain self-sufficiency through low-carbon development pathways. GWC’s award-winning media campaigns have spread global public awareness.

GWC has pioneered whole-systems models with fast-growing, “superfood” moringa trees and biodiverse species that restore landscapes, alleviate poverty, increase food security, and adapt to climate change.

All of the work involved in this volunteer position can be done via cyberspace. We regularly communicate via Zoom.

Here are some expectations for the position:

  • Set goals with Green World Campaign and the Charter for the Project
  • Work directly with schools to initiate projects
  • Promote the project through the Charter’s Xocial.com platform
  • Communicate with other volunteers and staff using Slack
  • Attend weekly on-line meetings
  • Contribute to the writing of newsletters
  • Set up webinars with schools to cross pollinate country teams

START DATE: 04/23/2017
END DATE: 12/15/2017

See full volunteer position info.

See Charter for Compassion website & photo credit.

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