Volunteer to restore orangutan habitat in Indonesia

Health In Harmony‘s vision is a healthy planet with healthy people. We are an international NGO that pursues innovative community-driven solutions to improve human health and to protect valuable natural resources and the health of our planet.

Our headquarters are based in Portland, Oregon, and our partner and pilot project, Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), is in West Kalimantan (on the island of Borneo), Indonesia. We are currently in the process of scaling-up to other sites around the world.

The Reforestation Program not only studies methods to reverse the trend of forest loss, but also provides local communities with opportunities to participate in restoring damaged areas and earn a sustainable income. The ASRI staff primarily works with villagers around a devastated fragment where a logging company illegally cleared more than 100 hectares of rain forest several decades ago. Together, we have replaced much of this area in just a few years. ASRI’s second reforestation site is a smaller – but critical – orangutan corridor that allows animals to move freely and breed in the area.

Join ASRI’s efforts to restore degraded areas of Gunung Palung National Park. Duties include measuring and data collection of planted seedlings, as well as weeding and maintaining field sites and raising seedlings in nursery. For 2016, volunteers can expect to help with the following projects during the following months:

  • Feb-Apr: Tree Planting & Measurement (Laman Satong)
  • Feb-Mar: Biodiversity monitoring training and school field trips
  • Mar-Jun: Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) Maintenance and Measurement
  • Jun-Sep: Fire Prevention Training & Outreach, Fire Break Maintenance
  • Oct-Dec: Tree Planting & Measurement (Laman Satong)
  • Year Round: Seedling germination experiments & nursery work, Data analysis of seedling measurement data

Photo credit: Bryan Watt, Volunteer

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