Volunteers: Help monitor & restore Flatback sea turtles in Australia

Play an active role in monitoring the local Flatback Turtle population during this rewarding travel experience. Located in the breathtaking natural surrounds of Eco Beach Resort, this scientific research program collects valuable data on nesting Flatback Turtles.

With the guidance of Conservation Volunteers marine species research assistants, volunteers spend their time patrolling sections of the beach gathering scientific data on the species. Tasks include:

  • Recording nest and track data
  • Tagging and measuring turtles
  • Counting eggs and hatchlings
  • Examining nests after hatchling

There will also be time to relax and take in some of Australia’s most spectacular coastal views, or enjoy many of the activities offered at Eco Beach Resort . This is a truly remarkable experience and a rare opportunity to connect with our natural world.

See Conservation Volunteers website.

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