JOB OPENING: 2 positions available to help house and revitalize Detroit

The Housing Partnership Network (HPN) is a member-driven collaboration of the nation’s 100 leading housing and community development non-profits who combine social mission with business acumen to create affordable homes in thriving communities across the country. The Network’s approach is based on peer exchanges among high-performing organizations in the sector that share ideas and knowledge, pool resources, collaborate on business enterprises, and provide credible, practitioner-based solutions that drive policy recommendations and advocacy. The result is a network of strong non-profits that produce impressive results in the number of homes developed and preserved, communities strengthened, and people served. The Network has received numerous awards and achievement recognitions for its social entrepreneurship from governmental, foundation, media, and international organizations.

Develop Detroit was created by the Housing Partnership Network (HPN), in close partnership with key Detroit leaders and institutions. Develop Detroit is a high capacity, mission-driven real estate development company that will execute significant housing and revitalization projects throughout the City. Develop Detroit will promote revitalization through catalytic neighborhood development – creating sustainable and dynamic communities that promote economic stability and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Develop Detroit is structured and capitalized as an independent nonprofit that builds on the experience and performance of the most accomplished developers in the nation. Develop Detroit will operate in key neighborhoods and will be staffed and governed locally, while drawing upon the best practices and experience of HPN members from across the country. The firm will have the capacity to undertake ventures independently but will actively seek partnerships with other non-profit and for-profit developers. The focus will be on providing affordable, mixed income and mixed-use developments as well as community facilities that will help stabilize and transform neighborhoods.

Two positions are available. Both must be applied for by October 21, 2015.

See job listing for Project Manager, Develop Detroit.

See job listing for Director, Home Building & Stabilization, Develop Detroit.

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