WANTED: Four open positions at national river restoration non-profit

American Rivers is a national river conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s river systems and to fostering a river stewardship ethic. The organization was founded in 1973 to expand the number of rivers protected by the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Along with our conservation efforts, American Rivers promotes public awareness about the importance of healthy rivers and the threats that face them.

In addition to protecting nationally significant rivers, American Rivers’ programs address hydropower policy reform; small dam removal; greening US Army Corps of Engineer programs and policies; grassroots outreach; promotion of Wild & Scenic river designations; various issues affecting the Missouri, Yellowstone, Snake, Columbia, and Missouri Rivers; endangered aquatic and riparian species protection; western instream flow; clean water issues; and community riverfront restoration projects.

American Rivers is based in Washington, DC, with a regional office in Seattle, Washington.

American Rivers currently has four open positions on the West Coast (as well as some internships):

  • Associate Director, CA River Restoration
  • Director, California Central Valley River Restoration and Advocacy
  • River Restoration Manager
  • Senior Writer

See American River website more full job listings + photo credit.

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