WANTED: Chief Executive Officer / Executive Secretary for Global Water Partnership (Stockholm, Sweden)

The Global Water Partnership (GWP)  seeks a Chief Executive Officer/Executive Secretary for its headquarters office in Stockholm, Sweden.

The GWP ​Executive ​Secretary ​serves the ​Network and is ​the Chief ​Executive ​Officer of the ​GWP organisation ​(GWPO), an ​intergovernmental​ ​organisation, ​that operates ​as the ​Network’s ​Secretariat. ​The Executive ​Secretary ​reports to and ​is responsible ​to the Steering ​Committee for ​the activities ​of the ​Secretariat as ​per the ​Statutes of GWP.​

GWP is a multi-stakeholder action network dedicated to working with countries towards the equitable, sustainable, and efficient management of their water resources. GWP comprises 3,000+ partner organisations in over 180 countries. Their network of 65+ Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships convenes, and brokers coordinated action by government and non-government actors, supported by a global secretariat, set up as an Inter-Governmental Organisation in Stockholm, Sweden. GWP mobilises action for water security through a unique combination of social capital, shared values, credibility within the local and global water community, bottom-up orientation, and expertise. A network of networks, they work to ensure the ‘voices of water’ can influence local, national, regional, and global development priorities. They are committed to their role as a neutral convener and respected for their focus on inclusiveness and sustainability.

The Executive ​Secretary ​builds and ​leads strategic ​initiatives and ​leads the ​secretariat’​s team in the ​implementation ​of the GWP ​Strategy. ​Supported by a ​Deputy and COO, ​as well as by a ​management team,​ the Executive ​Secretary works ​to develop and ​strengthen the ​GWP Network, ​widening its ​membership and ​links with ​other ​organisations ​and institutions ​in non-water ​sectors. The ​Executive ​Secretary is ​responsible for ​overall ​fundraising at ​the global ​level, ​developing ​funding ​opportunities ​through ​building new ​strategic ​initiatives ​with key ​partners ​amongst bi-​lateral and ​multilateral ​agencies and ​foundations. ​


GWP is ​looking for a ​senior-level ​leader and ​development ​practitioner ​with a proven ​track record of ​building and ​supporting ​broad change ​initiatives. ​Comfortable ​with “​leading from ​behind”, ​the ideal ​candidate would ​have spent time ​in environments ​shaped by a ​spirit of ​partnership and ​what in GWP ​they call a ​“low ego ​approach” ​to getting ​things done. ​Having taken on ​progressively ​growing ​responsibilities ​in other ​organisations ​and networks, s/​he would be at ​ease in ​negotiating and ​engaging at the ​highest ​organisational ​level as well ​as with on-the-​ground ​activists and ​mobilisers. ​Emanating ​personal energy ​and commitment ​to the cause of ​sustainable ​development, s/​he will have ​extensive ​people ​management ​experience as ​well as strong ​leadership ​credentials and ​a proven track ​record of ​success. ​

The ideal ​candidate ​should have a ​strong ​background in ​dealing with ​international ​organizations, ​top business ​leaders, civil ​society, local ​stakeholders ​and innovators ​globally in a ​high-profile ​environment, an ​ability to ​effectively ​communicate to ​a diverse ​audience, and a ​proven track ​record in ​catalysing ​large-scale ​change ​initiatives. S/​he will have ​the ability to ​proactively ​develop and ​grow strategic ​relationships ​at the ​executive ​corporate level,​ with civil ​society, the ​entrepreneurial ​community and ​the philanthropic ​sector. ​

Duties and ​Responsibilities ​include:

  • ​Leading the ​organisation in ​building on its ​new strategy ​and business ​plan and on a ​vision of ​growing impact ​and reach of ​the broader ​network. ​
  • ​Managing and ​providing ​oversight of ​the global GWPO ​Secretariat ​work, building ​and sustaining ​a strong ​management team.​
  • ​Supporting the ​Network’s ​governance ​mechanisms, ​including the ​Network Meeting,​ the Sponsoring ​Partner Meeting,​ Steering ​Committee, and ​the Financial ​Partners Group, ​in close ​collaboration ​with the GWP ​Chair. ​
  • ​Strengthening ​GWP’s ​space and ​reputation ​internationally ​and with key ​agencies and ​partners. ​


The ideal ​candidate will ​hold a ​Master’s ​degree and have ​relevant ​executive ​managerial ​experience, ​preferably with ​an international ​organisation ​involved with ​water, climate ​change, ​agriculture or ​the environment.​

Relevant Experience

  • ​Experienced, ​enthusiastic, ​committed and ​visionary ​leader with ​effective ​management ​skills to lead ​an organisation ​of talented and ​diverse ​professionals. ​
  • ​Experience ​working closely ​with or ​reporting to an ​engaged Board ​of Directors or ​similar is ​preferred. ​
  • ​Experience ​working with ​multiple ​stakeholders in ​either public/​private or ​international ​development ​institutions. ​
  • ​Experience ​developing and ​implementing ​global ​fundraising ​strategies. ​
  • Proven ​understanding ​of water ​related issues ​and water ​resource ​management. ​
  • ​Ability to ​maximise ​political and ​technical ​profile of a ​large ​international ​organisation in ​a relevant ​sector (e.g. ​water, ​agriculture, ​climate change, ​environment, ​energy, ​development or ​other related ​area of ​expertise). ​
  • Proven ​business acumen ​coupled with ​strong ​financial ​management ​skills to drive ​financial ​sustainability. ​
  • ​Excellent ​written and ​oral communication ​skills in ​English are ​essential; ​knowledge of ​another ​language, ​French, Spanish ​or other, is an ​advantage. ​

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Salary: Competitive
Contract Type: Three year contract with possibility of renewal
Apply By: May 15, 2020

Photo of Stockholm by David Mark from Pixabay.

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