WANTED: Chief Resilience Officer, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

The City of Minneapolis, Minnesota seeks a full-time Chief Resilience Officer.

The Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) will act as the lead within the City of Minneapolis and the greater metropolitan area for establishing a compelling resilience vision supported by an actionable strategy, driving the resilience conversation with internal and external partners, building and implementing effective resilience strategies, and leveraging the benefits and services of the 100 Resilient Cities Global Network, strategy partner and platform of services.

Primary duties include:

  • Lead the development of a comprehensive assessment of current policy, planning and resilience activities, creating a compelling vision for Minneapolis’ Resilience Strategy to drive engagement, understanding and commitment across all relevant community sectors.
  • Create a Resilience Strategy that incorporates and responds to the overarching issues facing Minneapolis, which encompass, but are not limited to inequality, aging infrastructure, transit/transportation issues, a lack of affordable housing and climate change among others (e.g. fiscal sustainability, global macroeconomic change, immigration, terrorism).
  • Ensure that the Resilience Strategy has a clearly defined direction, with specific outcomes and metrics that defines roles and responsibilities for all responsible stakeholder groups.
  • Drive the Resilience Strategy development and its implementation in coordination with City Council, corporate operations, community-based initiatives and other regional, state and federal policy responses.
  • Develop and implement an Action Plan with short and long term priorities (including financial and other funding mechanisms) to deliver the programs and initiatives supporting delivery of the Resilience Strategy outcomes.
  • Identify and secure funding to implement priority resilience initiatives, overseeing these initiatives and coordinating activities with other stakeholders, including the wider community.
  • Regularly review the Resilience Strategy and identify and recommend opportunities and initiatives for improvement.
  • Provide policy and planning advice on resilience concepts and priorities in response to emerging trends and impacts.
  • Oversee the implementation of policy and planning activities in collaboration with internal departments and external partners supporting the overall strategic objectives of the Resilience Strategy.

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