WANTED: Community organizer for downtown revitalization (NY)

The CSPM Group seeks a Community Organizer for downtown revitalization.

The primary role of the community organizer is to represent the local community of New Rochelle, NY, especially those committed to creating a more vibrant downtown through events and pop-up placemaking (i.e. tactical urbanism).

The community organizer also accommodates RDRXR, a progressive, triple-bottom-line real estate development (i.e. pedestrian-oriented/walkable, human-scaled, green, attainably-priced, emphasizing local businesses) joint venture that is committed to building a downtown that reflects what the local community needs and wants.

You will be the primary person facilitating the involvement of the community residents in a groundbreaking “crowdsourced placemaking” (nrfuture.com/crowdsourcedplacemaking) process, empowering people through community meetings, a micro grants program,a visual survey website, and social media, primarily Facebook.

Application deadline: September 9, 2016

See full job listing.

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