WANTED: Director, wetlands restoration program (San Francisco, California)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation seeks a full-time Wetlands Program Director, IDEA, for its San Francisco, California office.

You will oversee the design, specification, implementation, and completion of Sacramento District California In-Lieu Fee Program (ILF) Projects in accordance with the ILF Program Instrument and the 2008 Rule.

This will involve such duties as:

  • Identifying, soliciting, evaluating and/or developing proposed sites for biological and habitat restoration suitable to serve as the foundation for an ILF Project under the 2008 Rule;
  • Identifying opportunities and constraints in the Service Areas under the ILF Program related to potential site identification, acquisition, and development;
  • Evaluating and/or developing ILF Project prospectuses for IRT consideration;
  • Evaluating, developing, and overseeing implementation of ILF Project Development Plans (including measurable objectives, performance standards, monitoring requirements, pre-and post-ILF Project jurisdictional wetland determinations and delineations, interim and long-term management plans, and associated permitting, financial assurances, and long-term or perpetual site protection and funding);
  • Working with the IRT, other governmental permitting entities, and ILF Project implementation partners to identify, scope, and ultimately deliver ILF Projects;
  • Preparing reports on the progress of ILF Projects including: status of construction-in-progress; the degree to which each ILF Project is meeting its performance standards; any deficiencies in attaining and maintaining performance standards, and any remedial action proposed, approved or performed; and if a remedial action has been completed, the effectiveness of the action; and
  • Preparing reports on interim management and long-term management of ILF Projects.

The Wetlands Program Director will oversee and manage the technical aspects of the ILF Program and assist with other potential wetland-related IDEA Accounts within the IDEA portfolio as determined by the IDEA Senior Vice President or Senior Director. The Wetlands Program Director will work closely with the entire IDEA team, and as appropriate, with the Departments of Finance, Science and Evaluation, and Government Relations.

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