WANTED: Downtown revitalization initiative manager (firm or individual)

The city of Hudson, New York is requesting proposals from firms or qualified individuals who have demonstrated commensurate experience and expertise for providing project and grant management services as a Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Manager for a 2-3 year contract.

Hudson Mayor Rick Rector has announced that the implementation procedure for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative [DRI] has been formulated by City of Hudson officials. After supportive communications with various State of New York representatives from the Department of State, Empire State Development and Homes and Community Renewal, the City has created a plan that will allow for the successful completion of the city-awarded DRI projects in a transparent and timely manner.

The City has formed a DRI Committee comprising Mayor Rick Rector, Common Council President Tom DePietro, City Treasurer Heather Campbell, Superintendent of Public Works Rob Perry, Planning Board Chair Walter Chatham and City of Hudson Corporate Counsel Andrew Howard. This committee will meet weekly to oversee, review, and work with a to-be-hired DRI Manager for the implementation of all City DRI projects.

The DRI Committee will engage solicit services of an individual or entity that will become the DRI Manage through an RFP (Request for Proposal). This individual or entity will have responsibility for project management for only the municipal-awarded projects because the remaining private projects will be managed independently and directly with their assigned representative from the State. The DRI Manager will review and administer each project and issue RFP’s for professional expertise as deemed necessary for the projects (engineers, planners, architects–historical, general and landscape, etc.).

Additionally, the DRI Committee is exploring a DRI Implementation Review Committee that will meet regularly for reviewing and updating the public on the progress of all projects in the City Hudson.

The City of Hudson’s DRI projects are:

  • Implement Complete Streets Improvements: Design and construct a phased Complete Streets initiative throughout the DRI area to provide safe access, aesthetic improvements, and separation of truck traffic from pedestrians and bicyclists. Examples of improvements include safe and functional at-grade railroad crossing, streetscape improvements, bike lanes, extension of the North Bay trail, sidewalk and crosswalk improvements, pedestrian stairs, and signage. ($3,982,550)
  • Renovate Promenade Hill Park and Provide ADA Access: Renovate Promenade Hill Park, an important public space in the heart of the DRI area, to preserve its historic features while providing access to park amenities and extraordinary views of the Hudson and the Catskills for people of all abilities. ($1,100,000)
  • Improve the Safety and Aesthetics of Cross Street and the Second Street Stairs: Improve the safety and aesthetics of Cross Street and the Second Street Stairs by designing and implementing streetscape improvements along Cross Street. This will include grading and repaving, new sidewalks, and lighting and replacement of the Second Street stairs leading from Allen Street to Cross Street. ($250,000)
  • Stabilize the Dunn Warehouse for Future Re-Use: Stabilize the historic Dunn Warehouse, the City’s last remaining central waterfront building, and conduct a feasibility study for its reuse. The City of Hudson will issue an RFP for a public/private partnership to adaptively reuse Dunn Warehouse based on recommendations in that study. Critical structural improvements will be made to exterior walls and masonry, the roof, and perimeter drainage, and a new concrete slab will be added. Remaining funds will be used for other interior renovations. ($1,000,000)
  • Repurpose Historic Fishing Village as a City Park: Convert city-owned land containing a historic collection of fishing shacks into a waterfront park with access to the Hudson River. The project at the city’s northern boundary will include the demolition of some of the shacks to open the space, as well as basic repairs to preserve the more historically significant and visually interesting structures. DRI funds will be used for site cleanup, remediation, design services and site preparation. ($150,290)

Proposals due: November 30, 2018 at 12 PM.
Call (518) 828-7217 if you have any questions.

Photo of Warren Street in Hudson by Daniel Case via Wikipedia.

Learn more about the Downtown Revitalization Initiative projects in Hudson.

See official Public Notice for the DRI Manager position (PDF).

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