WANTED: Executive Director for 186-acre non-profit educational center for regenerative agriculture (Pennsylvania)

In York, Pennsylvania, the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education seeks an Executive Director.

Born out of the successful effort to save the farm from industrial development in 2000, the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in 2004. The Horn Farm leases the farm from York County.

In 2016, two milestones were reached. First, a conservation easement was placed on the 186-acre property thus preserving the farm in perpetuity. Second, the term of the lease between the county and the Horn Farm Center was extended to 99 years.

In the face of climate change and pandemic, the work of the Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education as land stewards, farmers, and gardeners is more important than ever. The fragility of the systems we depend on to meet our basic needs has been exposed. We are continuing to prioritize growing food for ourselves and our community and teaching others to do the same.

About the Executive Director Position

The Executive Director of the Horn Farm acts as a facilitator, visionary, and implementer. This person must have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to foster autonomy while working collaboratively and building alignment within the team. This person must understand complex systems and have the ability to hold a large vision while also understanding and synthesizing the detailed work required to move toward that vision.

The Executive Director must have experience working in the permaculture / regenerative agriculture setting and have a deep knowledge of ecological health and restoration. In addition, this person must have a comfort level with fund development, creating relationships with other community organizations, mobilizing volunteers and acting as a spokesperson for the work of the farm.

Photo courtesy of Horn Farm Center.

See full job description and application instructions.

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