WANTED: Executive Director for urban rails-to-linear park non-profit (Pennsylvania)

Friends of the Rail Park is seeks an Executive Director to lead our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based organization into the future.

Friends of the Rail Park is a 501(c)3 organization that drives the three-mile vision behind the transformation of the Rail Park. Formed in 2013 as an advocacy group, we’re currently an all-volunteer organization; but over the next three years, our goals are to:

  • Build our organizational capacity to be the go-to leader for the Rail Park.
  • Secure public support and financial resources.
  • Accelerate development of and secure commitment to the entire Rail Park.

Friends of the Rail Park is seeking its first Executive Director to work closely with an active Board of Directors, city government, other civic groups, and other interested individuals to advance Friends of the Rail Park’s vision and mission.

Our ideal candidate will be a dynamic and experienced professional with a history of accomplishment in the nonprofit or public sectors that combines financial and operational management, board development and relations, fundraising, community engagement, public advocacy, and external relationship advancement and/or government relations. Being adept at navigating the political and philanthropic landscape of Philadelphia is a must.

Professional Characteristics:

  • At least 10 years successful tenure in a leadership role, in a nonprofit or public sector organization, incorporating operational, fundraising, and external relations functions in which s/he played a direct role in organizational growth is preferred.
  • High-energy person with vision and the capacity to mobilize others towards a common goal. Ability to operationalize ideas is a must.
  • Entrepreneurial person capable and comfortable growing an organization and adept at risk analysis.
  • Skilled in working in a collaborative manner to build relationships and teams with multiple external stakeholders, to include capacity to understand interests of small nonprofits, larger institutional nonprofits, civic organizations and public sector decision makers. Ability to navigate complex relationships and lead negotiations is a must.
  • Effective communicator to multiple and diverse internal and external audience.
  • Demonstrated ability in fund development, to include being the face of an organization in stewarding funder and donor relationships.
  • Managerial expertise including budget management and working directly with a volunteer governing board to include board engagement and board education.
  • Proven experience working with diverse populations, including experience in building bridges to develop relationships, trust and credibility. Great listener able to bring together and synthesize diverse perspectives.

Job Type: Full Time
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Salary: Will be competitive and commensurate with experience, with benefits aligned with nonprofit industry standards.
Reporting: Reports to the Board of Directors through the Board Chair
Staff: Supervises Community Outreach Manager
Application deadline: January 17, 2018.

Images courtesy of Friends of the Rail Park.

See full job listing.

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