WANTED: Green / Urban Development Volunteers and Interns in Bolivia

Sustainable Bolivia is a community of 35 partner non-profits with numerous volunteer and internship opportunities.

Available volunteer and intern positions cover a range of areas such as education, youth service, social service, environmental conservation, healthcare, agriculture, the arts, and research. All of our placements match individual skills and interests with local needs to provide the most rewarding and beneficial experience.

Placement is determined by applicant interest, as well as time commitment, language ability, and previous experience. We encourage all interested individuals to review our volunteer/internship opportunities, found on our partner organizations page, paying special attention to the minimum requirements. Together, we’ll work together to find the most rewarding experience, while ensuring that our volunteers and interns make a sustainable impact in the community.

As part of the Sustainable Bolivia community, volunteers/interns attain access to funding through our mini grant program, free phone calls to over 60 countries worldwide, transport from airport upon arrival, wireless internet access, orientation, weekly guest lectures, as well as 24 hour staff support. Additionally we provide family home stay opportunities, private or shared accommodations and reduced travel prices. We organize optional social activities, shared dinners, delicious food from our garden, art exhibitions, movie screenings in our outdoor cinema, as well as yoga and dance classes.

The following internships are aimed at individuals with a desire and aptitude to think critically about urban, peri-urban, and rural development with an environmentally conscious perspective:

  • INFANTE: As an advocate for victims of sexual and domestic violence, INFANTE has played a key role in the promotion of local and national policies to restore victims’ rights. As a volunteer, you’ll be able to participate in a wide range of opportunities such as aiding in childcare, raising community awareness and workshops on composting, and installing urban community gardens.
  • CECAM: CECAM works with low income Cochabamba communities to develop and implement environmentally responsible technologies such as bike-machines, solar ovens, and compostable bathrooms. Volunteers will be able to prepare and train communities to integrate these technologies into their everyday lives.
  • Gaia Pacha: Gaia Pacha focuses on the protection and sustainability of communities at risk of diminishing resources as well as education and environmental awareness. Volunteers and interns can help design and implement educational materials, plan projects to raise environmental awareness among young people, and assist in the maintenance of a model ecological home.
  • CONSES (UCCE/SISE): CONSES work to find ecological and sustainable sanitation solutions for low-income Bolivian families that lack access to basic sanitation services. Volunteers will assist with the design, creation and installation of dry bathrooms, water quality improvement initiatives and other sanitation solutions.
  • Sustainable Bolivia Sustainability Intern: To ensure action towards sustainability, Sustainable Bolivia hires an intern to launch new initiatives and programming for three months each year. One of the responsibilities of the Sustainability Intern is to write a Sustainability Report on social, economic and environmental impact of the organization. Please e-mail us at information@sustainablebolivia.org if you are interested in this position.

See full position posting.

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