WANTED: Interns for sea turtle restoration non-profit (California & Texas)

Turtle Island Restoration Network seeks a variety of interns to help protect and restore marine wildlife, wild oceans, and our backyard rivers and streams.

Turtle Island is a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife.

Our work is based on science, fueled by people who care, and effective at catalyzing long-lasting positive change that protects the likes of green sea turtles, whale sharks and coho salmon.

By working with people and communities we preserve and restore critical habitats like the redwood forested creek banks of California to the full-of-marine-life waters of the Cocos Islands.

We accomplish our mission through grassroots empowerment, consumer action, strategic litigation, hands-on restoration, environmental education, and by promoting sustainable local, national and international marine policies.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

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