WANTED: Nature Restoration Expert (Los Angeles, California)

The Amsterdam, Netherlands-based nature revitalization company Land Life seeks a Nature Restoration Expert to be based in California, preferable in the Los Angeles area.

Land Life Company is a nature revitalization and water conservation company from the Netherlands. It has developed a proprietary technology that enables the planting of trees on arid and degraded land at high success rates. The vision of the founders, Jurriaan Ruys (former McKinsey partner and COO of a sustainable energy company) and Eduard Zanen (founder of Bugaboo), is to make it possible to restore the 2 billion hectares of the world’s degraded land. As a result, they developed the Cocoon – the first biodegradable, scalable, low-cost solution for nature restoration, landscaping and agroforestry. The Cocoon has now been successfully deployed commercially in over 20 countries across the globe.

We are a private company, but have a very clear social goal as well. In 2018-2019, Land Life Company is going through a rapid growth phase and will significantly increase the scale of its projects, as well as adapt its business model to deliver end-to-end restoration and CO2 compensation. We are looking for someone to manage both small and large projects end-to-end on-site in the US.

Competitive start-up salary, great growth opportunities.
We aim to on board our new operational manager as soon as possible.

Please submit your CV and cover letter to Willemijn Stoffels at w.stoffels@landlifecompany.com

Photo of their “cocoon” tree-planting technology (described here in REVITALIZATION) courtesy of Land Life.

See full job listing on LinkedIn.

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