WANTED: Partnerships Manager to revitalize and redevelop Seattle’s waterfront

The Seattle (Washington) Department of Transportation is seeking a Partnerships Manager, Office of the Waterfront.

The partnerships manager works in the Seattle Department of Transportation’s Office of the Waterfront and is responsible for creating and managing a range of public/private partnerships on behalf of the City that are necessary to implement the Waterfront Seattle Program. The Office of the Waterfront was created by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray in January 2014 and leads all aspects of the City’s $1 billion waterfront improvement program. Learn more at Waterfront Seattle.

The position leads in the development and management of partnerships for real estate development, public space operations, and public/private financing strategies which are essential to the success of the City’s waterfront improvement program. This requires the position to build strong working relationships with diverse partners, develop innovative partnerships both internal and external to the City, and to and execute these partnerships through legal agreements and legislation. The position will play a lead role for the Office in planning, outreach and approvals of a landmark Local Improvement District to partially fund waterfront improvements. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Managing the City’s Project Development Agreement with Pike Place Market for the “Marketfront” project, ensuring construction is delivered as planned and the City’s criteria for $34M in committed funding are met;
  • Developing funding partnership with the Seattle Aquarium Society for their expansion, managing development of an integrated design, and executing a Memorandum of Understanding and subsequent Project Development Agreement with them to guide funding, construction and operations;
  • Negotiating ongoing agreements with Friends of Waterfront Seattle, an independent 501c3 organization and key partner to the City on the waterfront program, for specific projects and ongoing operations and maintenance;
  • Leading outreach to private property owners for the creation of a Local Improvement District to provide $200M in funding for the waterfront program, leveraging more than $400M in public funding and private philanthropy;
  • Negotiating covenants with private properties to secure short-term public parking to serve the waterfront, working collaboratively with WSDOT and the Downtown Seattle Association; Developing a detailed maintenance and operations Plan for new waterfront public spaces, including the legislation to authorize a conservancy model in partnership with external organizations, funding agreements, and public oversight requirements;
  • Developing agreements with WSDOT, King County, Department of Natural Resources, WA State Ferries, Port and King County Metro as needed.

The position reports to the Director of the Office of the Waterfront, and interacts regularly with the Mayor’s Office, City Council, department directors, and a diverse range of stakeholders.

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