WANTED: Project manager + four other positions for watershed restoration (CA)

The Pacific Forest Trust is seeking an ambitious Project Manager to help develop the financing mechanisms, implementation approach and on-the-ground projects for the comprehensive restoration and conservation of the primary watersheds supplying California’s water system, specifically those watersheds supplying the Oroville and Shasta reservoirs.

The Manager will play the lead role in proposing and developing financing, including federal and state loans; assist in developing the structuring of implementation; and play a lead role in stakeholder outreach and relationships, including with water contractors and agencies as well as public and private financing bodies. A well-qualified applicant will have strong project finance skills, solid experience in project management, be an excellent communicator and skillful in organizing stakeholders.

Healthy Watersheds California (HWC) is an innovative initiative to finance the comprehensive restoration and conservation of source watersheds as essential components of water infrastructure systems. PFT is developing the policies, technical assessments, financing, and implementation plans needed to leverage public and private capital to invest in comprehensive source watershed protection and restoration, similarly as to how built infrastructure is financed.

This project will increase the climate resilience of key watersheds and enhance water security for 28 million water consumers, eight million acres of irrigated agricultural land and the freshwater for San Francisco Bay.

Pacific Forest Trust also seeks candidates for the following positions:

  • Forest Conservation Director
  • Director of Development
  • Development & Communications Associate
  • Foundation Grants Manager

See all currently available positions + photo credit.

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