WANTED: Senior Project Manager, Riparian Restoration Program (Seattle, Washington)

Forterra seeks a Senior Project Manager for its Riparian Restoration Program. The Senior Project Manager will assist in the design, coordination, management, and implementation of habitat restoration and community engagement projects on several Puget Sound rivers and streams.

Forterra’s Riparian Restoration Program is a landscape-scale, community focused restoration model that offers invasive plant abatement on public and private lands (primarily knotweed control), native plant installations on public lands, collaborative restoration projects with private streamside landowners, and targeted outreach and educational programming. The Riparian Restoration Program team works in partnership with local jurisdictions, government, and other non-profit organizations.

Forterra aims to make sure the Pacific Northwest is livable and beautiful for generations to come. To accomplish this, Forterra focuses on land—how we live, work and play sustainably on it today, knowing we will see significant growth over the next century.

Over the past 25 years we’ve become the common ground where people, often with very different points of view, come together around a shared love for this place. We encourage broad collaboration across all sectors.

And our experience has taught us that to focus on one part of this place is to save none of it. We emphasize the connection between people and place – vibrant cities and healthy lands. We work in all landscapes, from our most urban cities to our most majestic wild places. We advance pragmatic solutions grounded in market-based approaches. And we apply our broad range of skills including land conservation, stewardship, policy innovation and community engagement—all with one mission, to sustain our region. We believe if you solve human problems you save nature and if you save nature you help solve human problems.

A decade ago, Forterra launched the nationally recognized Cascade and Olympic Agendas, outlining a vision and very real goals and strategies to help ensure that the Pacific Northwest is livable and beautiful 100 years from now. We continue to evolve these strategies in light of the changing times and the insight that the connection between our natural, built and social worlds is key to unlocking long-term solutions.

To date we have: permanently conserved more than 238,000 acres of forests, farms, shorelines, parks and natural areas; restored critical landscapes; and applied innovative land based strategies to improve the quality of life for people in over 90 of our communities.

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