WANTED: Two temporary, full-time Ecological Restoration Technicians (Seattle, WA)

The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust is hiring two temporary, full-time Restoration Technicians. Working for the Greenway Trust offers an opportunity to gain natural resources management experience in a blend of forest and aquatic ecosystems from Seattle to Central Washington. As part of the Greenway Trust, you will work closely with our partners and volunteers to combat invasive plants throughout the Greenway. Your hard work will result in improved forest and ecological health for Greenway natural areas.

Working as a small team, and occasionally with groups of volunteers, seasonal restoration technicians will identify, survey, and control invasive plants and maintain riparian and other ecological restoration projects throughout the Mountains to Sound Greenway. As a member of the Greenway Trust Stewardship Program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a highly successful team in an energetic, productive and fast-paced environment. Through extensive hands-on involvement in projects and agency partnerships, you will learn about ecological issues on public natural lands and build skills in public land management.

Restoration Technician positions are temporary/seasonal and full-time, for approximately 5-months, with the possibility for short-term extension. Technicians will be primarily focused on two comprehensive weed survey and control projects in partnership with several public land management agency partners. The position is highly physical and demanding in nature; technicians will work in variable weather conditions, at times in remote locations, and on difficult terrain. Most days will be spent surveying for invasive weeds and applying herbicide while wearing a 30-pound backpack sprayer.

Application deadline: April 7, 2017
Start date: April 18, 2017

See full job listing (PDF).

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