Waterfront redevelopment in Syracuse, NY will move historic 1918 building

A historic, 97-year-old freight house at the Syracuse (NY) Inner Harbor is about to be moved for the second time in 15 years.

COR Development Co., which has exclusive rights to redevelop the former Barge Canal terminal south of Onondaga Lake, said it plans to move the wooden building from the harbor’s east bank to its north bank as part of the project.

COR spokeswoman Maggie Truax said the move will allow the company to redevelop the east bank of the harbor.

She said the company has no immediate plans for the freight house but is looking for some type of civic use for it.

The building dates to 1918 and originally stood on the harbor’s south pier.

Dennis Connors, curator of history for the Onondaga Historical Association, said it was used for temporary storage of freight moving in or out of the terminal.

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