Webinar: Building Resiliency in Your Economy – July 15, 2015

Join the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) July 15 for this free informative webinar on Building Resiliency in Your Economy, with the great Harriett Tregoning, Deputy Assistant Secretary at HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Urban Development (and former head of planning in Washington, DC).

Everyone’s talking about resiliency. What does it mean for your community? EDOs are often unexpectedly called to action when there’s a manmade or natural event that suddenly disrupts the economy.

Whether you’re considering the results of a major plant closure or a flooded downtown, often times the results can be the same. In such instances economic developers find that much of the hard work that was contributed to grow local economies can be quickly reversed and take years to rebuild.

With so much at stake, it’s vitally important to build capacity and resiliency measures into your plans.

See registration page.

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