WHITE PAPER — Climate Resilience: Design strategies for new and existing buildings

Paladino and Company has published a new white paper titleD CLIMATE RESILIENCE. Rethink your real estate: Resiliency design strategies for new and existing buildings..

Resiliency in design and planning is a conversation today because the impacts of climate change are here and they are very real.

The idea that sub-grade spaces should be designed to flood, rather than designing it conventionally and leaving the rest to chance and insurance premiums is a paradigm shift for the commercial real estate industry.

All large-scale changes move slowly until they don’t. Some proof that climate change is speeding up: Global year-over-year warming; volatility of weather and climate events; and senior US officials, scientific advisors including Sir David King, and the Environmental Justice Foundation agree that climate change refugees are anticipated to be the single largest displaced population in the next decade.

It’s not useful to think of resiliency like a doomsday clock going off – it’s more of a canary in the coal mine. While we continue to work as a global force to
address the causes and mitigate further damage, we also must recognize that to live on a wilder, wetter, and hotter planet; we must rethink the built environment design problem at its core.

Our communities, the places we learn, live, work, and play, must be designed more resilient from what we cannot yet imagine.

With offices in Seattle, Austin, and Washington DC, Paladino and Company is a green building consulting firm that sits at the intersection of business, design, and sustainability. This is achieved through rigorous analysis and abundance thinking as a driving force for change. They help organizations to improve the design and operations of their buildings to minimize costs, increase profitability, and enhance employee satisfaction by operating under a three-part framework:

  • Abundance drives us to identify resources that are readily at hand, and to employ them to the best
    possible effect.
  • Attitude: Our team has the experience and instincts to create change, bring people into the journey,
    and challenge conventional thinking.
  • Analytic rigor that delivers an industry-leading program of exemplary quality by raising the bar, in an
    implementable and cost effective manner.

With more than 2,000 green projects internationally, including more than 745 LEED certified buildings, Paladino serves architects, developers, and owners in industries including commercial real estate, higher education, hospitality, industrial, multifamily and mixed-use.

Download the full white paper here.

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