Foundation For Climate Restoration white paper — Climate Restoration: How we can regenerate a safe and healthy climate by 2050

The Foundation For Climate Restoration has published a new white paper titled “Climate Restoration: Achieving a safe and healthy climate for by 2050.”

The long-term survival of humans and ecosystems requires a climate similar to the one in which we have evolved and flourished.

However, the trillion tons of legacy carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which have accumulated since the Industrial Revolution, have put a climate in which we can all thrive increasingly out of reach.

Far from being a quick or easy ‘fix,’ climate restoration is an idea that is not just technologically optimistic, but also radically socially optimistic, for it implies that we could chart our way through this mess and reconstitute a climate that is safe for people to grow regenerative food and live healthy lives,” says Dr. Holly Jean Buck.

The scientific community has been documenting the devastating impacts of climate change and has noted an increase in heat waves, fires, floods, droughts, crop failures, the destruction of our coral reefs and other ecosystems, massive extinctions of various species, and the spread of new diseases in the last decade.

In addition to the more visible effects of climate change, the warming of our planet also threatens our long-term health outcomes, our economic prospects, and our international security, with marginalized populations bearing a disproportionate burden.

See full white paper (PDF).

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