Winston, Oregon celebrates launch of downtown revitalization project

On September 24 and 25, 2016, organizers with the Winston Core Project hosted a celebration to launch the Elephants Walk Project in Winston, Oregon.

The Elephants Walk is a project to revitalize about two acres of rundown property in the heart of Winston. It was born from the community’s annual goal-setting meeting in February 2016.

At that meeting, residents and representatives from across the greater Winston area agreed unanimously to support the acquisition and rehabilitation of a roughly two-acre piece of land at the center of town.

From there, community brainstorming sessions resulted in three clear goals for the Project:

  1. Transform the blighted area at the center of Winston into a beautiful, profitable, pedestrian- friendly mall by providing a unique convening, shopping, and dining experience for tourists and residents.
  2. Advocate for community engagement, ownership and direction.
  3. Proudly feature, display, and promote the abundant local, natural, and cultural resources of our community and region.

The number one goal was to make this a pedestrian-friendly, family friendly area. We also want to feature and promote our local resources,” project coordinator Jennifer Mitchell said.

The Winston Core Project has the potential to revitalize the heart of Winston, Oregon and to catalyze extended investment in the downtown area of the community. Winston is a proud community of dedicated citizens who work tirelessly to provide their families and neighbors with a setting and supportive environment that they can be proud to call home. The Winston Core Project is an opportunity to make the heart of Winston reflect the heart of its community.

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See Elephant’s Walk website & photo credit.

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