“World-class regeneration” to transform beachfront in Swansea, Wales

The resort city of Swansea, Wales could enjoy a new-look beach by 2020 as part of a world-class regeneration effort.

A new city beach could be introduced as part of the Civic Centre site redevelopment that could also include housing, retail and leisure uses.

Council leader Rob Stewart said: “The landscape of Swansea will change beyond all recognition in the next three to four years. It will probably be the biggest change to our city since the Second World War.

UPDATE: On November 2, 2015 the waterfront revitalization was approved.

Christopher Sampson, chairman of the Waterfront Revitalization Commission recommending the project to restore, revamp and reconstruct the 9-acre waterfront, said the typical homeowner of a $250,000 house would pay an additional $35 a year in taxes at the height of the bond payment scheduled. “I’m kind of speechless,” a weary-looking Sampson said.

See October 14, 2015 announcement article & photo credit.

See November 2, 2015 article announcing “yes” vote on waterfront revitalization.

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