World Urban Congress — April 16-17, 2018 — Malmö, Sweden

The City of Malmo, Sweden is hosting the 41st edition of the INTA World Urban Congress. Taking place a year and a half after the Habitat III UN World Conference, INTA41 is the opportunity to take stock of the action taken and the operational mechanisms in place to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.

Focusing on SGD 17, the Congress will engage all urban stakeholders, irrespective of their institutional level, scale of involvement or private, public
or third sector, in defining effective partnerships and scalable networks of shared expertise.

Urban stakeholders of supra national, national, and local levels, academics and urban practitioners, and representatives of the public, private and civil society spheres will gather in Malmö to promote new partnerships or cooperative and collaborative mechanisms to foster integrated and sustainable urban development.

Since 1975, International Urban Development Association (INTA) as been a global membership association that brings together the major actors in urban development, in order to jointly establish new parameters for the sustainable and integrated development of urbanized areas.

INTA capitalizes on the skills of its members: Policy makers of national, regional and local government; business leaders in real estate development, construction, engineering, service provision, product development; preeminent thinkers and research institutes; influential architectural and urbanism firms.

Featured photo of Malmö via Adobe Stock.

See event website.

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