GUEST ARTICLE: Mobilizing Impact Capital for River Restoration by Making Stormwater a Tradable Commodity

The new $11.1 million Hudson River Skywalk connects two of New York’s historic arts sites to help revitalize the tourism economy

Michigan launches new statewide Main Street support program to stimulate small business-based downtown revitalization

Kentucky seeks design-build team to renovate 100 bridges, as part of their 6-year safety program to restore over 1000 bridges

Canada adds $13.6 million for 24 coastal restoration projects to boost marine ecosystems and local fishing economies

$10.4 million Long Island Shellfish Restoration Project reaches milestone, having restocked 800,000 native adult clams

The head of Jamaica’s “Life After Bauxite” program lauds a bauxite mining company for aiding the agricultural reuse of mined land

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Syracuse, New York is about to join the many cities that are revitalizing by removing (or burying) a badly-planned urban highway

An aquarium in Utah launches a program to restore 22 million square feet of coral reef in the Pacific Ocean’s “Coral Triangle”

Cleanup of contaminated sediments in the Anacostia River—Washington, DC’s “forgotten river”—gets a $25 million start

As flooding disasters accelerate, rural places far from the coasts demand increased resilience and climate restoration efforts

The world’s first land-based commercial coral farm has opened on Grand Bahama to advance resilient restoration of reefs

Is there an app for boosting urban resilience by expanding green infrastructure? Insights from Portland, Oregon & Stanford University

After public engagement & scientific study, a vision emerges for the ecological & historic restoration of Philadelphia’s FDR Park

After a $5 million renovation and ecological restoration, the Lakeside Complex reopens on Buffalo, New York’s revitalized Outer Harbor

Seven environmentally-restorative river projects receive $11 million in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Putting your money where your community is: How investment crowdfunding can help revitalize communities

EPA has awarded 151 grants totaling $64,623,553 million to assess and clean brownfields for community revitalization

After Hurricane Irma’s devastation, Ragged Island will now get a resilient, solar-powered reconstruction in the Bahamas

In West Virginia, mined and removed mountaintops are being repurposed and renewed to revitalize the economy

Is China’s “red-line” approach to biodiversity a model for large-scale conservation and ecological restoration?

Ryerson University launches a major revitalization initiative for its downtown campus in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Eleven brownfield redevelopment mega-projects are promising to revitalize Chicago’s present and future

$100 million to renovate 100 miles of Detroit roads & bridges with mostly local workers. Seven commercial corridors to be revitalized

Ohio State University is revitalizing its campus with renovated buildings in a new $161.6 million Arts District

Repurposing, renewing and reconnecting old Air Force Base in San Antonio boosts value of nearby real estate from $36.8M to $617M

Young architect wins a Master’s scholarship & paid internship for proposal to repurpose old Copenhagen rail depot into public park

In Cambridge, Ontario, Canada’s 1st bookless library opens in a repurposed historic post office to help revitalize the riverfront

World Bank economist explores a question for lesser-developed countries: “Is inclusive economic growth an oxymoron?”

Tour of a successful mined land reclamation project discusses the revitalizing role of the $4.5 billion Restore Pennsylvania program

The 8-year, $100 million renovation of Roberto Clemente State Park revitalizes the Bronx waterfront to better serve youth

After spruce beetle epidemic, a landscape-scale restoration project is coming to Utah’s Manti-La Sal National Forest