GUEST ARTICLE — Restorative Tourism: How to Preserve and Revitalize the Goose that Lays the Golden Economic Egg

A $600,000 U.S. EDA grant will help the Youngstown, Ohio region build economic resilience in the wake of GM plant shutdown

The University of Pittsburgh is about revitalize the heart of their campus with pedestrian-friendly landscape restoration

Indonesia hopes macadamia nuts will crack the challenge of restoring biodiversity, reforesting islands & revitalizing economies

As the global climate crisis threatens freshwater supplies in the Marshall Islands, a $18.6 million project will boost resilience

After demise of 100RC, Rockefeller Foundation launches $8 million Climate and Resilience Initiative to support Chief Resilience Officers

In Gateshead, England, schoolkids are involved hands-on in the £350 million, housing-led regeneration of their community

Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund activates seven habitat restoration and green infrastructure projects with $1.46 million

New report proves that making an urban place more walkable can be a powerful economic revitalization strategy

New Online Training Now Available — Introduction to Green Infrastructure: Principles, Applications, and Policies

British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund invests $13 million in 23 projects to revive fragile salmon stocks

University researchers say this plant could regenerate West Virginia’s 500,000 acres of mined land, and help restore global climate

As the climate crisis robs this Colombian town of rain, the farmer who restored food production is accused of doing “God’s work”

EPA & Chesapeake Bay Trust give $965,900 to 20 green infrastructure projects that boost resilience, restore waterways and grow jobs

In danger of being demolished, the historic Garden Hotel in Chengdu, China has now been beautifully repurposed & renewed as offices

A new linear park in Burnaby, BC wins award for repurposing and renewing dead space to reconnect and revitalize neighborhoods

Melbourne to boost its already-high quality of life by restoring and reconnecting its urban forest into the world’s most extensive

Restorative Capitalism? New global coalition—Business for Nature—calls for businesses to restore the planet’s natural resources

With over 20 million people living less than 5 meters above sea level, small island states are innovating climate resilience solutions

As this epicenter of the national foreclosure crisis revitalizes, their land bank shifts the emphasis from demolition to rehabilitation.

Museum of London creates a revitalizing new £332 million home by repurposing, renewing & reconnecting derelict, historic buildings

Researchers pinpoint 247 million acres of barren land that would best respond to reforestation and help restore our climate

In Brooklyn, NY, the $20 million first phase of a revitalizing 407-acre state park opens on the restored site of an old toxic landfill

Innovative rural revitalization project gets $2 million for brewery, housing, nature trail and renovation of historic black school

Bankruptcy of PG&E creates an opportunity to restore two California rivers, allowing fish migration for the first time in 100 years

In Moab, Utah, a unique redevelopment will create “Living Buildings”: regenerative, affordable, water & energy-positive homes

As U.S. cities feel the toxic effects of divisive politics, five cities heal and revitalize neighborhoods by restoring public spaces

Ireland documents the ongoing success of their rural community action plan and €1 billion economic revitalization program

University of Pittsburgh releases white paper to help boost regional resilience: “Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management”

As sea levels go up, confidence in the future goes down in coastal communities, thus undermining revitalization efforts

As its rural villages continue to empty out, Japan seeks to revitalize them via “I-turners”, “U-turners” and sustainable tourism

Viet Nam’s national economic revitalization has been fairly inclusive, but air pollution is killing over 60,000 local people annually

2 New Resources: “Regional Coastal Resilience Assessments” plus interactive “Coastal Resilience Evaluation and Siting Tool”

Prince William County, Virginia wins national award from APWA for their Dewey’s Creek stream restoration project

In India, the Resilient Kerala Program wins a $250 million World Bank loan for green redevelopment to protect poor from floods

Are restorative, nature-based solutions the missing ingredient in most climate crisis adaptation and mitigation strategies?