GUEST ARTICLE: Adapting to rapid urbanization via rapid revitalization that unlocks people, process and place

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In China, architects repurpose and renew historic barn into arts center, and integrate it with the city’s revitalization program

America’s Great Plains prairies are being restored via a free-market strategy, but it’s still resisted by conservative ranchers

Great Lakes Restoration gets $26.5 million to reduce nutrients and stormwater pollution, with EPA’s new market-based innovation

Music-Powered Renewal: The restoration of Cameroon’s native ebony trees is powered in part by U.S. and Spanish guitar makers

Concrete manufacturer launches $8 million revitalization of Pennsylvania production facility with innovative transit partnership

Monument to the most famous and beloved Czech mayor and entrepreneur is restored, featuring the plane in which he died

New Jersey launches statewide revitalization program that helps communities attract Opportunity Zone investments

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This new research initiative ties the restoration of U.S. hemp farming with the global rise of regenerative agriculture

The Chicago River has been partially cleaned and revitalized, but some say it’s mostly to serve wealthier white neighborhoods

Bipartisan Congress restores $1.4 billion for habitat restoration by reintroducing the “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act”

In Ghana, a $20 million grant will help boost climate crisis resilience for women-led agricultural associations and enterprises

A dead million-square-foot mall near Tulsa, Oklahoma has been successfully repurposed and revitalized as offices with retail

Four coastal restoration projects—3 in California and 1 in Hawaii—receive funding from Honda to boost climate crisis resilience

As the climate crisis dries up their nation’s hydroelectric resources, Zimbabwe switches to solar power, which is far more resilient

Restoration economy grows as agricultural funds invest $47.5 billion in regenerating soil and revitalizing rural economies

U.S. EPA awards grant to the Gulf of Mexico Alliance for ecological restoration pilot projects that boost resilience

The 20-year, $50 million restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Martin House Complex in Buffalo, New York is completed

Brightside Community Homes Foundation to redevelop and expand five of its affordable housing complexes in Vancouver, BC

Washington state awards $45 million in grants to restore salmon in Puget Sound, which will also help restore orcas

In Washington DC, the revitalizing 11th Street Bridge Park project over the Anacostia River gets a $5 million gift from Exelon