GUEST ARTICLE: Competition inspires team to envision transforming an underutilized urban district into a vibrant community

The “America Wins Act” would contribute $1.2 trillion to renovating U.S. infrastructure while helping to restore the global climate

20 urban resilience, ecological restoration and economic revitalization projects receive €82 million in Europe

33 years after nuclear power devastated Ukraine, can Atomik Vodka help economically revitalize the Chernobyl region?

A rare bipartisan congressional effort introduces important bicameral legislation: the “Restoring Resilient Reefs Act of 2019”

The 2-year, walkable redesign and green revitalization of historic Piazza San Michele in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy is now complete

Seattle to revitalize a major street by selling underutilized city properties for housing, public space and transportation projects

The Minderoo Foundation pledges $2 million to The Nature Conservancy to help restore Western Australia rivers and estuary

The Government of Canada commits another $1.06 million for 10 Great Lakes restoration projects, for a total of $18 million

Michigan partners with crowdfunder to support this historic auditorium renovation and other community revitalization projects

4 new projects will activate dead spaces, redevelop brownfields, revitalize downtowns & generate $12.4 million + 88 jobs in Michigan

New Jersey expands sustainable revitalization program, the “Community Collaborative Initiative,” to include eight more cities

Australia adds $500 million to its support of climate-resilient redevelopment and renewable energy for its Pacific neighbors

When you want to restore forests and mitigate the climate crisis, sometimes you have to remove trees, not add them

China’s rapidly-urbanizing Yangtze River Delta to build resilience via $370 million in green infrastructure investments

$5 million to help revitalize historic Detroit neighborhood via affordable housing, park renovation and environmental restoration

California State Coastal Conservancy gets $2 million from U.S. Fish and Wildlife for 40 acres of coastal wetland restoration

On Long Island, Baldwin wins $10 million for transit-oriented downtown redevelopment from NY Downtown Revitalization Initiative

University researchers work to restore rocky intertidal seaweed to regenerate biodiversity along the California coast

3 New York communities get $30 million for revitalization projects that repurpose, renew and reconnect assets in historic downtowns

University of Maryland researchers explore links among stormwater infrastructure, climate resilience & ecological restoration

Ethiopia breaks world record, planting over 350 million trees in 1 day, while Cameroon’s reforestation passes 1 million trees

20 New Jersey communities receive $2.5 million in downtown revitalization grants from Neighborhood Preservation Program

Four Chicago non-profits receive $500,000 for Austin neighborhood revitalization from Wells Fargo’s NeighborhoodLIFT Program

$17.9 million removal of Bloede Dam complete, restoring fish migration on Maryland’s Patapsco River after a century of blockage

Florida’s Coral Restoration Foundation is among the recipients of $10.4 million from NOAA Community-based Restoration Program

Six historic restoration-based neighborhood revitalization projects in Baltimore, Maryland receive $70,000 in grants

$350,000 in demolition grants from the Michigan Land Bank turn blighted properties into renewable assets for nine communities

In England, a nature restoration project wins award for reintroducing over 1200 furry ecosystem engineers: water voles

Britain’s largest bird of prey, the sea eagle, is restored to the Isle of Wight after an absence of 239 years

Revitalization of San Francisco’s Tenderloin continues as two ugly parking lots become affordable housing and a community center

New IPCC report proves the need to switch to regenerative agriculture and restorative land usage has reached emergency status

Baltimore, Maryland announces the winning design firm for the Middle Branch Waterfront Revitalization Competition

In a newly-revitalized 150-year-old suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, a decrepit warehouse is reborn as beautiful new office space

Bilbao was built on innovation: can it repeat the miracle? For the next chapter in their revitalization, the city can look to its past

In British Columbia, Canada, the Katzie First Nation uses $150,000 WWF grant to restore salmon habitat in their traditional territory