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University of Puerto Rico and University of the Virgin Islands partner to improve resilience and disaster recovery initiatives

New research from China reveals that we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss regenerated forests as “green deserts”

The Five Star & Urban Waters Restoration Program awards $1.7 million to 46 projects, and grantees add another $4.4 million

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U.S. EPA accelerates $2.4 million in NFWF Small Watershed Grants to Pennsylvania for Chesapeake Bay restoration

Europe boosts restoration economy via new policy and planning guidelines on ecosystem services and blue/green infrastructure

UNESCO announces that the “Revive the Spirit of Mosul” initiative will launch in 2020 to restore heritage, health and education

Abandoned Mine Land Reauthorization Act is introduced to restore old coal mines and revitalize historic coal communities

Five elements of state and federal support that cities need to address “Hypervacancy” and catalyze neighborhood recovery

The grand regeneration of London’s historic Battersea Power Station secures £600 million for the third and final stage of revitalization

Dept. of Commerce seeks public input on how federal agencies can support sustainable revitalization in Opportunity Zones

Reducing U.S. infrastructure renewal deficit: $225 million goes to 20 bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects in 18 states

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signs an Executive Order to make the state, its cities and its ecosystems more climate-resilient

A suburb of the USA’s fossil fuel capital will be revitalized by repurposing a 240-acre former landfill into a solar energy farm

Post-earthquake Regeneration Plan for the 1503-acre Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor is approved in Christchurch, New Zealand

Growing the global restoration economy: Timberland commits to planting 50 million trees all around the world

Restoration Economy Irony: A partnership in Alberta, Canada will grow biomass for renewable energy on old coal mines

Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative adds $36 million for 121 wildland restoration and rehabilitation projects on 173,000 acres

Bedrock hires ODA for restoration of Detroit’s historic book Tower; downtown’s most ambitious adaptive reuse project

Peekskill, New York wins $10 million from state to revitalize both their downtown and their transit-oriented waterfront

This massive, green urban regeneration project in Central Tokyo, Japan will link two other major revitalization projects

32 strategic projects are funded in two New York communities—Owego and Penn Yan—to revitalize their historic downtowns

Indian Prime Minister Modi boosts land restoration goal to 65 million acres by 2030, and calls for global water action agenda

After Britain lost 92% of its seagrasses in the 20th century, Wales launches the largest-ever UK seagrass restoration effort

To boost climate resilience in New York City, the largest green infrastructure program in America has now been doubled in size

Cooks Venture, a next-generation ag-tech company, raises $12 million to develop advanced regenerative agriculture systems

One woman’s “impossible” landscape restoration story emerges from Jordan, as nature and agriculture are revived together