GUEST ARTICLE: The Quad Cities demonstrate the revitalizing, transformative impact of reconnecting places with trails

Missing since the Middle Ages, bison restored to Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria to boost biodiversity & nature-based tourism economy

A new $1.4 billion highway interchange reconstruction will undo planning mistakes to reconnect and revitalize Tampa’s west side

Three revitalization projects in Erie, Pennsylvania receive $250,000 each to beautify and restore historic Main Streets

Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot launches an unprecedented $750 million initiative to revitalize 10 struggling neighborhoods

Blight demolition is a tactic, not a strategy: To help ensure that revitalization follows, be sure a strategic renewal process is in place

New Jersey EDA and Rutgers host roundtable to boost urban revitalization via women-led and racially-diverse entrepreneurship

With volunteers and materials from Dupont, Habitat for Humanity boosts neighborhood revitalization in Tennessee and Michigan

International Paper renews support for Arbor Day to plant 100 million trees for community health, recovery and resilience

Wiped out by trappers and habitat loss in the 90s, fishers are restored to Washington state with help from Alberta, Canada

21 municipalities and one First Nations tribe form an economic prosperity federation in the Vancouver, British Columbia region

Dead for over 30 years, a 66-acre brownfield will be resurrected as 750 much-needed homes to help protect greenbelt from sprawl

New Jersey to revitalize & diversify economy by supporting local companies in the rapidly-growing offshore wind power market

One of the world’s most famous historic hotels, the 132-year-old Raffles Singapore, reopens after meticulous 3-year restoration

How to do a $100 million revitalization in 40 days, redeveloping and renovating a place that’s always in a different place

Only three left in the world: 1862 iron-mining steam locomotive built in Glasgow, Scotland to get $120,000 restoration in Michigan

In Beirut, Lebanon, young volunteers are revitalizing downtown by repurposing vacant buildings and cleaning the streets

World Meteorological Organization and 11 partners convene to boost climate resilience of mountain communities worldwide

Solar-powered, watershed-friendly airport parking facility replacement in San Diego has won a Sustainable Infrastructure award

Community winners revealed in historic $23.5 billion “Rebuild Illinois” transportation infrastructure renovation program

Scientists warn of reforestation obsession: restoring grasslands and wetlands is also crucial to restoring climate and biodiversity

British Columbia Institute of Technology wins international award for green, resilient renovation of their campus infrastructure

On a vacant lot in the shadow of a Pennsylvania steel mill, a town’s revitalized future beckons in the form of robot farmers

Locally-extinct until recently, the iconic, native red squirrel is now being restored to the northern Highlands of Scotland

Commonland partners with the Red Cross to advance reforestation, ecological restoration and rural revitalization in Haiti

With peatlands now at their driest in 1000 years, scientists call for urgent, active restoration worldwide

A public-private partnership in Panama City Beach, FL completes a revitalizing sports complex after Category 5 hurricane damage

Global energy infrastructure renovation takes a major step forward with large tidal power project in the English Channel

Fairfax County, Virginia wins a sustainable infrastructure award for renovating old wastewater plant from toxic chemicals to UV

In an all-too-rare example of moral courage and social justice, a city restores island’s ownership to tribe they almost exterminated

After a four-year restoration, a historic 19th-century hospital is reborn as a grand riverfront hotel in downtown Lyon, France

Eden Project—one of world’s great examples of restorative development—leaps ahead with £16.8 million geothermal energy system

Genoa, Italy turns the tragedy of a collapsed bridge into a beautiful replacement and a new riverside public park powered by wind

In Washington, tides are flowing to wildlife habitat for the first time in 135 years, thanks to Leque Island Estuary Restoration Project

As the climate crisis worsens, New York’s $300 million Lake Ontario flood resilience program flows $133 million into 63 projects

850 delegates at the 8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration issue “call to action” for UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration