GUEST ARTICLE: Regenerative agriculture is a fast-growing global trend, but where is it gaining government & corporate support?

$430,000 awarded to 11 projects that will help restore Pennsylvania’s eastern coastal zone along the Delaware Estuary

New study measures the huge economic value of flood risk reduction from restoring Florida’s coastal mangrove forests

New York City injects $1.5 million worth of investments into local nonprofits to help revitalize downtown Far Rockaway in Queens

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia plans “world class” redevelopment and revitalization of their 1.2 kilometer downtown waterfront

7 years after Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey’s governor creates a Statewide Climate Change Resilience Strategy, Council and Program

Farmer-managed natural regeneration is a rapidly-growing ecological, economic and social success story in Kenya

Professors at South Dakota State University win award from Society for Ecological Restoration for innovative research

In Illinois, the $4.9 million Nippersink Creek Aquatic Restoration Project is complete, and wins Intergovernmental Cooperation award

Indigo Acres helps U.S. growers transition to profitable regenerative farming practices while also restoring the global climate

How Peoria, Illinois and the USDA turned a vacant lot into jobs, food, flowers, revenue & green infrastructure for flood resilience

A public-private partnership is mapping and restoring estuaries, tidal marshes, and eelgrass on the Pacific coast of the U.S.

$9 million awarded to 60+ nonprofits across the U.S. to boost large-scale neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing

15 coastal ecological restoration projects in Mississippi receive $53 million to boost water quality and rebuild oyster populations

Vacant historic hospital in Jamaica, Queens, NYC to become affordable housing plus supportive housing for the homeless

After 116 years of frustrating kayakers and migrating fish alike, Missoula, Montana’s Rattlesnake Creek Dam is finally coming down

$100,000 grants hope to make Opportunity Zones produce equitable, inclusive revitalization in 5 New Jersey communities

As UNEP bolsters environmental restoration and climate resilience, Netherlands picks up the leadership ball that America dropped

Industry-university research partnership advances mine reclamation and prepares students for restoration economy jobs

France gives 50 million euros to restore Assam’s forest ecosystems and enhance their biodiversity using the latest high tech

New York announces “Revive Mother Nature” program and funds 69 Lake Ontario shoreline flood resilience projects with $103 million

Revitalizing the manufacturing economy of urban industrial districts: LISC offers lessons from the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Reconnecting is important when revitalizing communities, but how do you do that when they are more vertical than horizontal?

A new partnership will enhance research, science, & policy for ecological restoration & economic revitalization of the Great Lakes

A beautiful new carbon-neutral restorative retreat on the Isle of Man will sit within 7.5 rewilded acres of ecological restoration

Staten Island wins $10 million from New York state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative to regenerate their downtown corridor

Ireland’s €1 billion Rural Regeneration and Development Fund awards €62 million to 26 historic downtown revitalization projects

North Carolina town ecstatic: After waiting 46 years, ecological restoration of damage from toxic industrial site will begin

Proving environmental restoration’s non-partisan appeal, U.S. Congress boosts funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Consumers Energy, city of Cadillac and state of Michigan partner to turn a long-vacant brownfield into a $1 million solar garden

Vancouver, BC’s new “Rain City Strategy” will help restore water quality, regenerate ecosystems and boost climate resilience

In St. Louis, Missouri, the city’s most beloved park is getting a $10.5 million ecological restoration and public space renovation

Downtown revitalization is accelerating in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as five historic buildings begin a new life in a single month

Saginaw Chippewa Tribe wins $77 million in Dow Chemical pollution lawsuit: will fund natural resource restoration projects

In Wyoming, The Nature Conservancy is using an industrial pasta machine to restore both sage grouse and its sagebrush landscape

These 19 projects would help revitalize Central Appalachia by repurposing, renewing and reconnecting abandoned coal mines