GUEST ARTICLE: How an abandoned mental health facility is revitalizing a historic Washington, DC neighborhood

In Peru, indigenous communities and non-profits are reforesting the Andes mountains and restoring the Amazon River headwaters

A reforestation campaign of one million trees will boost the disaster resilience of Peru’s Machu Picchu, while restoring its ecology

With $500 million, Boston joins the strategic trend of boosting economic and social resilience by increasing affordable housing

Dune restoration is key to increasing climate resilience, enhancing public recreation and regenerating coastal wildlife habitats

A new science education initiative boosts climate resilience and rural revitalization by creating more women scientists in Africa

Ending Perverse Subsidies: Restoration of the world’s fisheries will accelerate if we stop rewarding people for destroying them

Buenas Aires is working hard to renovate its slums, but residents say the city needs to do a better job of engaging them in the process

NOAA and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative are restoring wild rice to help preserve and revitalize Native American cultures

Bipartisan Success: At $85 million, Chesapeake Bay restoration program is now enjoying its highest-ever levels of federal funding

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership unveils a revitalizing green plan that’s friendly to transit, bicyclists and pedestrians

Vanuatu—one of the small island nations most at risk from the climate crisis—gets $10 million to boost resilience & adaptation

Levee in northern Virginia wins “sustainable infrastructure” award for boosting flood resilience and community’s quality of life

New U.S. EDA & Indiana University partnership launches the “USA Opportunity Zones” tool to accelerate OZ-powered urban revitalization

In Shanghai, an abandoned urban corduroy factory that had blighted a neighborhood enjoys a beautiful new mixed-use life

In Lyon, France, a historic 1857 factory building is restored and redesigned to serve a new generation of industrial uses

On an islet in Paris, a historic 1868 absinthe factory is about to be repurposed and revitalized as a green co-working space

Worried about catastrophic climate crisis claims, insurance companies form new multi-stakeholder coastal resilience alliance

An interview with landscape architect Patricia O’Donnell on her work restoring public spaces in Pittsburgh & Washington, DC

State of Maryland helps Baltimore revitalize historic 238-year-old downtown Lexington Market with a $3 million bridge loan

New York State designates eight new Brownfield Opportunity Areas to fast-track revitalization in blighted neighborhoods

A $3.5 million boost for an Ohio partnership that’s restoring acid streams from old mines by repurposing toxins as paint pigments

In Ireland, a new vision for regenerating the city of Cork is centered on the revitalization of the Port of Cork’s Bantry Bay

Historic agreement will revitalize rail service in Virginia and provide new bridge across Potomac River into Washington, DC

The historic Prague State Opera has reopened to the public following a record-short three-year restoration and expansion

Non-profit in Myanmar epitomizes the global trend of creating inclusive revitalization by cleaning and beautifying urban alleyways

Fishing license fees on England’s River Stour fund the restoration of fish-spawning habitat and the improvement of public access

Copenhagen sets standard again, revitalizing their former dump into a 100% timber construction, nature-based neighborhood

California agencies release their draft water resilience portfolio to diversify, restore and reconnect the state’s aquatic resources

A coalition of cities with a county in Arizona is asking local residents to nominate brownfield sites for revitalization

These 10 innovative adaptive reuse projects hope to transform downtowns, revitalize dead spaces and give new life to useless junk

In Kenya, resurrecting traditional grains boosts climate resilience, while value-added production boosts economic revitalization

After an exhaustive, 8-year process of public engagement, Montana issues parameters for the restoration of publicly-managed bison

An ugly parking lot in San Diego is about to be reborn as affordable housing to preserve and revitalize the Little Italy neighborhood

The revitalizing element that every great city needs—a green, transit-linked central park—is coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Long Island Sound restoration program enjoys its highest level of funding in 26 years with $7 million federal budget increase