GUEST ARTICLE: Brownfield remediation and revitalization take a long time, but the community benefits are well worth the wait

In Washington state, a coalition grows to restore a creek while boosting biodiversity, ecosystem health and climate resilience

This summer, 16 acres of downtown Houston will be revitalized by green redevelopment of the historic 1936 Barbara Jordan Post Office

Arlington County, Virginia accelerates its nature-based quality of life efforts by joining the Biophilic Cities Network

Greenville, Mississippi sees long-awaited economic revitalization as long-abandoned buildings are repurposed and renovated

This Connecticut home shows how to adapt and expand a Greek Revival design from 1830, while respecting the local Colonial heritage

$43 million from these 27 new grants will help restore wildlife habitat and improve the resilience of coastal U.S. communities

Communities in four states will share $746,900 for facade renovations to help revitalize their historic downtowns

“Beautiful Aden” redevelopment, reforestation and reconstruction program is launched for war-torn city in Yemen

Two University of California grad students win $900,000 for salmon restoration and coastal community resilience research

Four U.S. states win $353 million for coastal environmental restoration and hurricane resilience projects: A 64.2% increase

Innovative hotel repurposes and renovates 28 historic, abandoned bridgekeeper houses spread all across Amsterdam

Restoring sea grass rebuilds biodiversity, regenerates fisheries, preserves heritage and revitalizes economies in Mozambique

New study shows that rewilding helps mitigate climate change while delivering a diverse range of benefits to regions

Restored historic 1788 building—built for a society of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and thinkers—boasts a beautiful interior

Drought-stricken Indian state of Andhra Pradesh speeds restoration of degraded farmland via engagement, education & skills

Historic 1870 downtown apartment complex was reused as offices, and has now been beautifully restored to residential use

How to plan for resilience in communities and regions that have water-dependent economies and working waterfronts

Solar-powered irrigation technology is crucial to boosting climate resilience for millions of small farmers worldwide

As massive freshwater & marine fish die-offs proliferate worldwide, the proven solution becomes clear: ecosystem restoration

Massachusetts invests $1.2 million in ecological restoration projects to fix poorly-engineered streams and wetlands

As the climate crisis spawns a global trend of elevated buildings, Zimbabwe sees restoration of traditional flood-proof house designs

$6.65 billion infrastructure renovation and environmental restoration is on the horizon for America’s dilapidated national parks

This new three-year project will reconnect two urban lakes in Chicago, and ecologically restore over 100 acres of wetlands

New redevelopment project in the heart of Sydney’s central business district links downtown to the waterfront with new tower

Europe faces a decisive decade: Embedding nature restoration into policies is the practical solution to myriad problems

In a rural village that was devitalized by population loss to big cities, revitalization comes in the form of a big fish

On the shores of Lake Erie, Vermilion, Ohio is about to renovate and revitalize their historic Main Street Beach

Public housing in Red Hook, Brooklyn enjoys a flood-resilient redevelopment that boosts the quality of life for 6000 people

Fourteen Massachusetts communities are helping to restore the Mystic River watershed via regional collaboration

“Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan” to add resilience, restore biodiversity, improve air quality & reconnect Belfast neighborhoods

Bipartisan legislation to boost wildlife’s climate adaptability by identifying/restoring wildlife corridors passes in Virginia

This city repurposed old shipping containers into affordable housing to help advance equitable neighborhood revitalization

13 coastal towns and counties in North Carolina receive $22 million for hurricane recovery and environmental restoration

40 multi-benefit watershed and ecosystem restoration / protection projects will receive $37 million in California

Historic 1875 military barracks are being repurposed and renewed as a university campus to help revitalize neighborhood