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16 communities win EPA help in revitalizing via “Local Foods Local Places” program, which supports farmers & food producers

Global shift to regenerative agriculture accelerates with release of award-winning documentary, “Carbon Cowboys”

California Coastal Conservancy allocates $8.2 million to restore mountain lions, coastal habitats and San Francisco Bay

Pittsburgh’s rivers are about to get a lot cleaner, thanks to $2 billion infrastructure renewal that will undo engineering mistakes

In Nevada, revitalization and restoration of the Anaconda Copper Mine site is reducing toxicity of drinking water for tribes

200 U.S. environmental groups request $25 billion from Congress to kick-start economy and create jobs by restoring public lands

Pier 4 redevelopment is raising the mixed-use architectural standards for the revitalized waterfront of Boston, Massachusetts

Rebuilding the natural world: The shift to adaptive management accelerates in the practice of ecological restoration

12 Tennessee communities win $10 million for infrastructure renewal to create more-walkable, revitalized historic downtowns

Tiny Hardwick, Vermont wins $3 million to revitalize rural economy. Will restore and reuse historic barn as business accelerator

Charleston’s agonizing choice faces every sea-level coastal city worldwide: hide behind a huge wall or relocate to high ground

54 African leaders endorse a continental adaptation plan to build climate resilience into their COVID-19 recovery process

In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a sea of asphalt will become a biodiversity corridor to restore both human and wildlife health

Almost razed by urban planners, Chicago’s historic 1914 hospital gets a beautiful $140 million transit-oriented, mixed-use rebirth

Five Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf beaches win the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s “Best Restored Beach” award

San Jose’s long-awaited park renovation, expected to help economically revitalize the downtown, takes a major step forward

With new grant, removal of another useless dam in Massachusetts moves forward to restore river herring & Eastern brook trout

Locally extinct for 400 years due to hunting & wetland destruction, Britain’s tallest bird, the crane, makes a spectacular comeback

$22.78 billion has been invested in restoring the Great Lakes in the past 35 years, yielding a 3:1 ROI in regional community revitalization

Ireland fine-tunes its €30 million rural town and village revitalization program to focus on economic recovery from COVID-19

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Three historic downtown buildings are restored, repurposed and connected to become one unique boutique downtown hotel

New Hampshire renews its program to improve resilience to climate crisis hazards in coastal communities

This tree-rich, LEED-certified redevelopment project hopes to revitalize an entire region near Monterrey, Nuevo León, México