A wetland that factories turned into a toxic site called “Wisconsin’s biggest eyesore” is beautiful once again after 30 years of work

Downtown Mountain View, California to get a dose of revitalization as the site of a dead Taco Bell becomes 100% affordable housing

Applying insights from complexity science, researchers develop seagrass restoration technique based on “emergent traits”

UNEP issues new guidelines for mangrove restoration-based COVID-19 economic recovery for nations in Western Indian Ocean

How can urban planners redesign, reconnect & revitalize historic cities while celebrating their heritage? Here’s an excellent example.

Locally Extinct No More: An endangered species reintroduction success story celebrates its 30th anniversary

After decades of non-stop bad news from Haiti, their mangrove restoration efforts are producing big ecological and economic gains

The restoration economy accelerates as sustainability-focused institutions (finally) make restoration a research priority

Pennsylvania gives municipalities a new tool to transform blighted properties into thriving, revitalized parts of the community

Restoration Economy: Private company wins contract to reclaim and restore abandoned coal and clay mining site in Fulton, Missouri

At Texas A&M University, the “Restore Texas Grasslands Revitalization Partnership” wins $364,854 for research, education & outreach

Rhode Island awards $4,360,600 in matching grants to 13 municipalities and community organizations for climate resilience projects

£1.5 billion worth of infrastructure renewal projects will help kickstart London’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis

After two decades of discord and hard work, St. Petersburg, Florida finally has a new Municipal Pier to help revitalize downtown

Restoration economy report shows how coal mine reclamation can create many thousands of new jobs in four western U.S. states

New adaptation partnership wins $2 million to help cities and nations restore green infrastructure and build climate resilience

Canada redirects and accelerates $3.3 billion of infrastructure renewal funding to focus on projects that boost COVID-19 resilience

Rhode Island is funding people, organizations and businesses to revitalize contaminated properties for environmental justice

New “Resilient Reefs” program connects the needs of people, wildlife and planet in its climate adaptation approach for coral reefs

Federal agency heroically recommends a climate migration program to help move vulnerable U.S. communities away from coast

U.S. Senate demonstrates bipartisan appeal of environmental restoration and resilience by giving Louisiana $25 million for two projects

A 3-way public partnership is investing $47 million to revitalize this downtown via public transit, pedestrians and bicycles

Town wants £19 million of public funding for infrastructure renewal to attract £140M & revitalize downtown with 400 new homes

FTA awards $464 million to 96 projects in 49 states to help revitalize communities by renewing America’s bus infrastructure

Chief Resilience Officers from coastal U.S. states come together virtually to share climate resilience strategies and experiences

Louisiana’s economic and environmental recovery from 2010 BP oil spill gets $204.7 million for new coastal restoration projects

Largest single sloped solar array in the U.S. completed on historic 1943 factory building at this revitalized Pittsburgh brownfield

Small Washington city turning brownfield parking lot into downtown revitalization with library and mixed-use redevelopment

Here’s another new example of “instant TOD”: the tactic of revitalizing cities by building on top of existing public transit stations

Critical milestone in the emerging science & practice of coral reef restoration: resilient reproduction in the wild of restored corals