GUEST ARTICLE – Driving Economic Recovery Downtown: Eight Responses to the Impact of COVID-19 on Main Streets Across America

Eastern Maine Development Corporation wins $2.6 million from EDA to help communities recover from COVID-19 economic crisis

Beyond Sustainability: Brewdog—world’s largest craft brewer—goes carbon-negative to regenerate forests & restore our climate

This train station has been restored and reconstructed three times since it was built in 1933, and is an architectural landmark

As much of their state burns, University of California students learn the healing effects of fire in restoring campus biodiversity

In Vermont, a long-vacant, contaminated gas station site will soon be remediated and redeveloped into affordable housing

San Diego, California selects a redevelopment team to revitalize vacant 48-acre sports arena property into vibrant new destination

Long-vacant 7-acre industrial brownfield will soon enjoy a mixed-use revitalization as a new, green riverfront neighborhood

17 coastal community revitalization and resilience projects in Massachusetts win $7.8 million in Seaport Economic Council grants

11 dense, impoverished urban neighborhoods across the U.S. are identified as ideal housing-related redevelopment opportunities

Philadelphia’s new $2.2 billion, mixed-income waterfront revitalization effort will create new parks and require no public subsidy

The Walton Family Foundation helps coastal Louisiana communities & businesses create a more climate-resilient future for themselves

In Nevada, a defunct golf course will enjoy new life as a residential community, helping to revitalize the nearby downtown area

Restoration Economy: $53 million in grants now available to U.S. communities, counties and tribes to assess and clean brownfields

An old military airport will be repurposed, renewed and reconnected to the city. This revitalizing design won the competition.

The trend of repurposing failed commercial structures into creative new uses continues as 21-year-old offices become medical center

“Water Resources Development Act of 2020” restores America’s natural infrastructure to cut floods & boost community resilience

Legislation with bipartisan support is introduced to fully fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative with $335 million

The project to create London’s own version of New York City’s revitalizing High Line Park launches a competition for the design team

A Maryland-based ecological restoration company makes Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies 4 years running

Tired of waiting for White House & Congress, Cape May County, New Jersey launches its own program to renew 29 derelict bridges

Birth of cloned foal of ancient horse species, that was extinct in wild, revives both genetic diversity and hope for future restoration

U.S. Air Force hopes to revitalize their Collaboration and Innovation Center and help boost the Massachusetts economy

U.S. Senate says that—without significant climate restoration & ecological renewal—America will soon lose 9% of its economy

Eight historic building restoration / reuse projects in eight states share $4,800,000 in rural downtown revitalization grants

The RFP process for revitalizing a city-owned brownfield into transit-oriented affordable housing, artist space & parkland: an example

HSBC launches $6 billion climate restoration fund to invest in regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration, reforestation, etc.

New research demonstrates the benefits of active ecological restoration efforts versus natural forest regeneration of logged areas

Rewilding Britain urges government to double nation’s tree cover via natural regeneration plus native tree planting

Poisoned by unregulated industry, a river in Wisconsin has been restored to economic & ecological health after a 17-year cleanup