120 nature restoration and climate resilience projects receive €280 million, and will trigger total investments of €590 million

City happily approves local redevelopment company’s proposal to revitalize the derelict site of former downtown bus station

Here’s why accelerating ecosystem restoration initiatives in Africa’s Sahel region must be a priority in this decade

In St. Louis, Missouri, an under-30 group of redevelopers announces 10-block, $81 million revitalization of historic neighborhood

Three Virginia towns will receive $1.4 million from the Industrial Revitalization Fund to redevelop derelict downtown structures

Restoration Economy News: EarthRenew Inc. sells 25 tons of its new organic fertilizer for use in ecological restoration of oil well

27 California projects to restore watersheds, riparian areas and salmon / steelhead habitat win $10.7 million from NOAA

Binghampton, New York is doing what cities worldwide must do: restore flood-prone neighborhoods back to nature and farms

Louisiana gets $234.6 million from BP’s oil spill fine to restore wetlands and coastal habitats, including bird nesting areas

The switch is thrown on the largest solar array of its kind, helping to bring a huge Pittsburgh brownfield back to life

New hotel to restore & reuse historic office building—with 11-story infill structure—to revitalize derelict corner of this downtown

University researchers have received $500,000 to reintroduce four locally-extinct native animal species to this national park

New $5 million grant will help restore an iconic coral reef while boosting the Florida Keys’ coastal climate resilience

Public-private partnerships are accelerated in Pennsylvania’s major bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation program

Upper Appalachian mayors call for federal “Marshall Plan for Middle America” to revitalize their region’s industrial economy

To revive populations of threatened plants and animals, we must restore habitat on farms, ranches and other working lands

A whitewater design firm is chosen for a mile-long urban river restoration project that will help revitalize downtown Denver

Fast-growing restoration economy company turns brownfields into brightfields and will expand with new investment partnership

$37 million will advance coastal restoration and resilience projects across the U.S., and will generate $55 million in matching funds

Pew helps boost U.S. military base resilience via restoration of oyster reefs & shoreline ecosystems in Virginia & North Carolina

Louisiana’s coastal restoration authority gets $1 million to boost oysters, carbon-capture, planning, outreach & collaboration

UNESCO launches international architectural competition for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Al Nouri Complex in Mosul

Potential redevelopment partner has been chosen to restore and revitalize historic landmark building in San Antonio, Texas

3 giant, century-old, long-vacant Chicago warehouses being reborn as creative space to add 200 jobs & revitalize a neighborhood

The long-awaited redevelopment of ugly, toxic abandoned coal-fired power plant in a prime spot on the Potomac River is at hand

Natural Resources Defense Council to get $100 million from Jeff Bezos for ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture

The “Back To Michigan” program goes online to revitalize communities by attracting former residents to return to the state

Trash To Wildlife Habitat: Oil & gas platform taller than Empire State Building is now an artificial deepwater reef in Gulf of Mexico

New Jersey creates new Brownfields Loan Program to provide revitalizing communities with low-interest loans of up to $5 million

Thirteen Appalachian-based colleges and universities teach community-based economic revitalization initiatives to future leaders