GUEST ARTICLE – One River for All: Setting the Vision for the Next Chapter of Cleveland, One of America’s Iconic Places

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to restore Scotland’s oldest coastal steamer, the MV Kyles, built in 1872

14 solar power projects totaling 28MW of capacity will restore pollinator-friendly landscapes to boost agricultural resilience

This urban cement factory, abandoned in 1999, has been repurposed and renewed as a cultural and art park with a retail store

A redeveloping area near a former industrial rail yard boasts restored historic buildings and is now revitalizing the heart of Toronto

Ultra-high-speed ground transportation linking Portland, Seattle & Vancouver could bring resilient prosperity to megaregion

Renovated historic 1887 railway building will support local entrepreneurs when the Pittsburgh Innovation Center moves in

A unique, mixed-use “paper house”—with a rooftop greenhouse—will arise on this redeveloped old waterfront industrial site

New York stimulates manufacturing, green jobs & community revitalization with clean energy and $127 million in private investments

Purpose Built Communities will receive $7 million grant from Truist Foundation to advance equitable urban revitalization

This town, famous for manufacturing luxury automobiles, is moving forward with its grand revitalization plans

A new green neighborhood might arise at this former state prison, reconnecting and revitalizing its historic structures

This unique “breathing” mixed-use building is ideally connected to a downtown train station, a public plaza and a library

It not enough for a revitalized downtown to be safe: it must be perceived as safe, and inclusive architectural design can help

€6 million in new funding will help revitalize Irish communities by restoring, reusing and preserving their built heritage

Formerly-lifeless abandoned farm has been quickly turned into a biodiversity hotspot with soaring invertebrate populations

Which American city has an “Avenues of Hope” initiative to reconnect and revitalize Black neighborhoods for economic justice?

Restoring 16 iconic American rivers by drinking alcohol: the easiest watershed regeneration program on the planet?

$36 million in state funding will support 214 community revitalization and affordable housing projects across Pennsylvania

Environmental restoration efforts at two mining operations win the 2020 Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation Awards

This $42 million climate adaptation project will secure sustainable livelihoods & food security for vulnerable rural communities

32-acre mixed-use redevelopment of historic industrial pier wins national brownfields award for “Best Large Project”

This $320 million portfolio of ecosystem services investments is restoring watersheds and revitalizing rural economies

This Georgia city has staked its economic future on smart infrastructure renewal, and now has the first solar roadway in the U.S.

With new housing and transit connections, revitalization of this neighborhood might create the new center of downtown Toronto

This coffee shop is in a gorgeously restored historic building, but you probably can’t guess in what city it’s located

Massive new project will revitalize city center by reconnecting and redeveloping a parcel long isolated by rail infrastructure

A former shoe factory is repurposed and renewed as housing, thus fulfilling one woman’s dream of community revitalization

From Twinkies to twinkle in Toledo, Ohio: $7.5 million mixed-use redevelopment of historic Wonder Bread and Hostess bakery begins

In Texas, the U.S. Army revitalizes Fort Hood & saves taxpayer dollars by repurposing & renovating obsolete / underused buildings