GUEST ARTICLE — Climate chaos and heritage conservation values: Resilience demands urgent adaptation and mitigation

Historic act will reform racist USDA policies and restore stolen land to revitalize rural areas with new generation of Black farmers

New U.S. budget has increased “restoration economy” funding to regenerate communities, brownfields, infrastructure & environment

This rural New Jersey town has just hired a global design firm to plan the revitalization of their historic downtown area

$16.5 million tax credit investment hopes to revitalize North Philadelphia neighborhood via transformative mixed-use redevelopment

For urban and regional planners dealing with an increasingly unstable, crisis-ridden future, resilient infrastructure is crucial

Focusing on regenerative agriculture and renewable energy, this giant multinational corporation hopes to help restore climate

Downtown projects in 14 Colorado towns receive up to $50,000 each in the third round of “Revitalizing Main Street” grants

After 3 years of work, the ecological restoration of Ship Island is complete, boosting resilience along Mississippi coast

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Act passes Congress with bipartisan support, increasing annual funding to $475 million

100% affordable housing project will soon help redevelop old U.S. Navy Base & revitalize this struggling waterfront neighborhood

Abandoned railroad that served former U.S. Air Force base might be revitalized as an urban hiking / biking trail and future transit

New “Compendium of Green Infrastructure Network Systems” goes online to advance resilient urban design and planning

This university partnership for Atlantic salmon restoration has just achieved a major milestone: successful spawning

This new, green university science building revitalizes the campus by reconnecting elements fragmented by bad planning

Restoration Economy Synergy: Restoring wolves helps restore forests, and restoring forests helps restore our global climate

This private housing developer has just won its third major neighborhood redevelopment and revitalization project in Toronto

Glass ceiling is shattered by an earthquake, as disaster reconstruction sees women accepted into male-only professions

Restoring wetlands near farms dramatically reduces water pollution to protect wildlife, people & economies from toxic algal blooms

10% of America’s oysters once came from this dying bay in Florida, but a $20 million restoration will revitalize fishing economy

This champion of regenerative agriculture and environmental restoration has won the 2020 UNEP “Champions of the Earth” award

In California, a tribe gets $380,454 to restore important meadow & a county gets $440,000 to restore floodplain wildlife habitat

The regeneration and rejuvenation of this historic port will help revitalize a capital city with new parks and mixed-use activities

Repurposing & renovating this huge, historic factory will power downtown revitalization in this struggling New York community

Despite COVID, this state’s “restoration economy” agency carried out 112 coastal restoration and resilience projects in 2020

New study reveals the revitalizing impact of infrastructure projects for flood resilience on local economies: $1 billion = 40,000 jobs

Sedimental Journey: Restoration & resilience challenge for delta regions is that some places need what others have too much of

Restoring by Reconnecting: Largest wildlife bridge in the U.S. is now open, healing a park that was severed by a badly-planned highway

Old port area will be redeveloped and revitalized to become an important node in this city’s science and technology corridor

This U.S. city has created a Cultural Space Agency that repurposes vacant properties to help ensure equitable economic recovery