GUEST ARTICLE – “Resilient Technologies” arise to help owners of commercial properties identify climate risks and adapt to them

Long-abandoned, historic Negro League stadium to be redeveloped into museum with affordable housing to help revitalize city

The “Protect and Restore America’s Estuaries Act” is signed into law, revitalizing rivers, water quality and resilient ecosystems

New research helps communities throughout the Appalachian Region revitalize their post-COVID economies via tourism

$87 million worth of rail & port renovation projects will help green and revitalize state economy, while making it more resilient

The rise of “Neighborhood Investment Trusts” promises a new spectrum of tools and strategies for community revitalization

New report documents two years of progress restoring the Great Lakes and making coastal communities more resilient

Historic 1905 boathouse has begun a £2.7 million restoration project, designed to help activate and revitalize the neighborhood

This former quarry was reclaimed by Mother Nature, and a beautiful network of wooden infrastructure now adds public access

20 acres of marsh will be restored—and invasives removed—to help regenerate Hawaii’s endangered native wildlife

New “Restoring Communities Left Behind Act” would revitalize distressed U.S. communities with $5 billion for local partnerships

Revitalization of New York’s former island military base grows as four regenerative new tenants occupy historic buildings

New Jersey economic recovery act focuses on brownfields redevelopment, heritage restoration and Main Street revitalization

Louisiana community celebrates the start of a $32 million wetlands restoration project that will help protect them from hurricanes

Proposed $15 billion federal program would revitalize neighborhoods by removing highways designed by racist urban planning

Over £25 million in new funding will help revitalize distressed Scottish communities by regenerating and reusing historic buildings

This ugly old office tower site is being reconnected and regenerated into a beautiful green mixed-use neighborhood and park

Restorative bridge is proposed to reconnect and revitalize a Minnesota neighborhood devastated by racist urban planning

In Wisconsin, a historic 1892 warehouse is being repurposed and renewed as a 102-room boutique hotel to help revitalize riverfront

Bipartisan U.S. legislation would revitalize rural & urban communities by raising $100 billion to renovate 500,000 vacant homes

Univ. of California – Berkeley to redevelop underused site into much-needed affordable housing for 7500 low-income students

In Maine, three community downtown revitalization award winners are announced, celebrating innovation and dedication

New pedestrian bridge uses “3Re strategy” to connect historic Erie Canal in $300 million regional economic revitalization initiative

New science is emerging that helps restore forests, boost coastal resilience and regenerate threatened wildlife species

Is this a first? A community foundation has partnered directly with a U.S. federal agency to advance rural economic revitalization

90% of U.S. West Coast groundfish stocks have been successfully restored since they were declared overfished or depleted in 1999

Bipartisan “Restoring Resilient Reefs Act” is reintroduced in House of Representatives after unanimous support in Senate

Virginia hopes $10 million in revitalization funding will create a light at the end of the dark economic tunnel for coal communities

Rejecting expensive mechanical solutions from engineers, this city saved $13 million on wastewater cooling by planting trees

Four decades and hundreds of billions of dollars later, a new report shows why so many place-based initiatives fail to revitalize