This American not-for-profit organization has just celebrated restoring and protecting over 15 million acres of wetlands

In downtown Salt Lake City, transit-oriented mixed-use replacing rusting corpse of failed project, and connecting to historic building

Oceanside, California celebrates receiving $1 million to ecologically restore wetlands, and create public trails along creek

New mapping tool helps restoration ecologists determine the best places for reforestation projects in the United States

Austin, Texas approves their revolutionary $8 billion renewal program. It will undo car-centric planning and remake city for humans

Newark, New Jersey’s revitalization advances with the $190 million renovation of its historic, 90-year-old train station

10 months after Sidewalk Labs walked away, Toronto resumes its search for a private partner to revitalize 12-acre waterfront site

USDA invests $28 million in regenerative projects that restore wetland functions and help revitalize agricultural landscapes

Detroit offers residents a look at city’s vision to invest in revitalizing two long-struggling historic neighborhoods

New $2.1 million study on how restoring Great Lakes wetlands reduces economically harmful algae blooms & regenerates wildlife

Bipartisan $1.5 billion to renovate state’s transportation infrastructure, revitalize cities & grow “restoration economy” jobs

Bureau of Reclamation awards $42.4 million to 55 water infrastructure renovation and resilience projects in 13 states

U.S. “BUILD GREEN” Act to invest $500 billion in renovating transportation infrastructure, creating one million higher-paying jobs

With its natural landscapes highly depleted and in steep decline, will this soon become the world’s first rewilding nation?

Restoration Economy: $3.3 million in grants to revitalize U.S. communities via brownfields and environmental cleanup job training

In Cuba, 440,000 people and hundreds of wildlife species to enjoy greater safety due to $23.9 million coastal resilience project

In New Jersey, the restoration of a major floodplain’s ecosystems begins with the removal of dams and human-made ponds

Governor signs downtown infrastructure bill providing $30 million to support the revitalization of main streets statewide

Two new bills in U.S. Congress will help restore endangered monarch butterflies and other native pollinators nationwide

Solar panels power the restoration of a suburban park and eight lakes to help revitalize an agricultural region in Georgia

Climate crisis mitigation and adaptation: integrating these two crucial efforts to maximize the impact and effectiveness of both

$27 million allocated to 157 restoration, renovation and redevelopment projects to revitalize communities throughout the state

Adaptive Re-reuse: This old warehouse became an exhibition hall, and now enjoys a third life as a light-filled collaborative office space

Popular Chesapeake Bay resort in historic town launches resilience project that will ecologically restore their shoreline

9.4-acre historic 1912 coal-fired power plant will be repurposed, renewed & reconnected to revitalize this urban waterfront

Victory for ecological restoration based on invasive species removal: this bird has now been removed from endangered species list

With their $26 million hurricane recovery complete, North Carolina town launches “living shoreline” storm resilience project

Two non-profit North Carolina organizations partner to create a new generation of environmental restoration leaders

After successes, Audubon plans to restore Great Lakes for birds and people via largest freshwater coastal wetland restoration

College in Wisconsin repurposes & renovates historic 1908 power plant to expand their campus and connect it to the river