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Six American communities win awards for their downtown economic recovery, revitalization and resilience efforts

Manhattan’s $129 million Battery Coastal Resilience Project hopes to protect while beautifying & honoring the park’s heritage

The rejuvenation of this national arts center beautifies the original Brutalist concrete with wood, and helps reconnect it to the city

Yet another craft brewery launches an environmental restoration tie-in, this time to help revive the James River in Virginia

Restoration Economy: 7 watershed projects in California receive $4.4 million to revitalize biodiversity and recreational activities

National Audubon Society to restore bird populations via the largest market-based regenerative grasslands partnership in U.S.

Central neighborhoods of another American city are being reconnected & revitalized by removing a badly-planned urban highway

Renovation of urban chemical fiber factory revitalized a neighborhood, created a new public park and reused 5 historic buildings

Community Revitalization Fund Program awards $2.2 million to five redevelopment projects to boost affordable housing

The ecological restoration of over 200 acres of salt marsh habitat in south San Diego Bay progresses with public-private partnership

Virginia becomes model state for revitalizing America’s rail infrastructure: $3.7 billion will renovate passenger, commuter & freight

An ugly rail yard that has long divided city will be repurposed, renewed and reconnected into a vibrant green neighborhood

Two of America’s leading non-profit organizations focused on financing equitable community revitalization have now merged

After 15 years of ecological restoration, a shoreline crucial to migrating birds is expanded & protected as refuge in Delaware

Revitalizing U.S. communities that need more affordable housing just got easier, as the Housing Trust Fund doubles to $690 million

New Jersey county creates a unique public-private initiative to boost communities’ long-term environmental and economic resilience

Historic, long-vacant industrial bakery is reused to house a Repertory Theatre and help revitalize a New York downtown

Community’s historic purchase of 5200 acres creates a new reserve to restore nature, sequester carbon & revitalize local economy

Denver’s decade-long process to reimagine, reconstruct & revitalize iconic 16th Street Mall advances with $149 million contract

Restoration Economy: Invasive species are the hot new thing on menus, as we shift from sustainable seafood to regenerative seafood

You CAN Fix Stupid: Disaster resilience in America gets major boost as feds finally stop rewarding people for building in flood zones

New regenerative agriculture program hopes to restore 12.5 million acres of wildlife habitat, and combine 8 biosphere reserves

Ireland announces “Our Rural Future”, the nation’s most ambitious & transformational policy for rural revitalization in decades