Four states celebrate over $400 million for environmental restoration, coastal resilience and fishing industry revitalization

The Girl Scouts, a tech firm and a non-profit are advancing the 1 trillion tree goal, such as by turning coal mines into carbon sinks

USDA has opportunity to quickly boost the climate resilience of farms & ranches while revitalizing America’s rural communities

Ireland launches a new €15 million fund to help revitalize downtowns of rural towns and villages by boosting quality of life

Century-old historic theater reopens after $3.5 million renovation funded by New York state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative

Indiana has 156 distressed Opportunity Zone communities, and solar power will soon help them revitalize while regenerating farmlands

Climate Science Alliance and Native American tribes pursue resilient ecological and cultural restoration with universities’ help

Adaptive reuse of abandoned buildings need not be difficult, as illustrated by this dog therapy center in a former warehouse

Affordable housing is often key to resilient economic recovery in communities, so there’s $600 million for it in Canada’s new budget

$6.5 billion in new funding will renovate America’s dangerously deteriorated water infrastructure, revitalize cities & create jobs

With this $21 million in affordable housing redevelopment, struggling neighborhood in Massachusetts now sees a revitalized future

The Economics of Ecosystem Restoration (TEER) is now documenting the costs and benefits of ecosystem restoration worldwide

Billionaire water-polluting, coal mining governor ironically celebrates $3.3 million from his enemy to clean coal town’s water

Climate-resilient health systems are on the rise worldwide, thanks to the work of the Adaptation Action Coalition

Cleanup and restoration success is declared for Ohio and the Great Lakes as the Ashtabula River is proposed for de-listing

Homes now selling in an urban regeneration project that has revitalized an 88-acre brownfield and restored 8 acres of wetlands

Restoration of Africa’s desertified Sahel region is a matter of life and death for the whole world, and ecopreneurs lead the way

Nine historic downtown revitalization programs win “Main Street Resiliency Grants” to speed recovery from COVID economic crisis

The rise of tree-planting social enterprises: boosting urban and rural resilience while restoring our global climate

A $9 million public plaza has just opened at Pittsburgh’s world-class, 178-acre Hazelwood Green brownfield redevelopment

Here’s how simply watching a 98-second video on YouTube helps advance the world’s largest coral reef restoration project

The downtowns of two New York communities are now getting revitalized via 19 mixed-use, transit and pedestrianization projects

A private redevelopment firm has partnered with a non-profit to provide vital services to help revitalize California neighborhoods

Bicameral, bipartisan bill provides $100 billion for tech-based regional economic revitalization and resilience across America

General Mills partnership to ecologically restore the Great Lakes Basin and Southern Great Plains via regenerative agriculture

Scientists ask California voters to support Governor Newsom’s “30 X 30” initiative to ecologically restore 30% of the state

$5.1 billion proposed for California drought response and long-term water resilience by repurposing land to restore watersheds

New study shows how to increase Chesapeake Bay’s restoration momentum by expanding access to Conservation Finance resources

Everyone loves the Restoration Economy: Bipartisan legislation introduced to extend the $300 million Lake Tahoe Restoration Act

Michigan’s State Land Bank Authority awards $800,000 to six communities to demolish blight and help revitalize neighborhoods