DC launches massive redevelopment project in struggling neighborhood with $50 million TIF plus OZ and government leasing support

Historic town is about to be transformed by a massive “once in a generation” regeneration of its downtown heritage and infrastructure

In Maryland, 41 community revitalization projects receive $17 million to grow local economies and boost quality of life

Restoration Economy: Yet another company integrates its product marketing with reforestation & environmental regeneration

Columbia University’s Institute for Climate & Society is key partner in new World Bank-funded climate resilience project in Africa

Indiana launches program to repurpose and restore historic buildings and help revitalize traditional downtown areas

21st Century Redevelopment Program reborn to help communities redevelop, repurpose, or regreen vacant and underutilized properties

A team of 8 architects has been announced as winners of the “Revive the Spirit of Mosul” competition to restore Al Nouri Mosque

This U.S. state has now begun awarding new “Revitalizing Main Streets” grants from their additional state stimulus funding

We have a decade to restore our planet. Here are 10 actions to help that happen before possibly passing a point of no return.

Trenton, New Jersey’s revitalization picks up momentum with redevelopment of historic downtown building as mixed-income housing

Ohio Senator pursues economic revitalization by inventorying state’s brownfields and providing remediation grants to communities

Five ways the restoration of biodiversity matters to growing jobs, improving health and revitalizing our local economies

Birmingham, Alabama’s new $455 million budget claims to be serious about focusing on restoration and revitalization

Missouri town wins $600,000 in brownfields funding to revitalize neighborhood plagued by many past environmental injustices

39 transformational projects in three communities have been funded as part of New York’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative

This state just made $250 million available for renovating 24 of its airports in order to catalyze regional economic revitalization

In California, four redevelopment projects are bringing affordable housing, support for homeless, and new life to derelict sites

In New Jersey, a vacant historic mill is being repurposed as affordable & supportive housing to help revitalize a neighborhood

Locally extinct for 70 years due to trappers and habitat lost, a 20-year fisher restoration effort in Washington celebrates first babies

The revitalization of Toronto’s Don River Valley progresses with high-rise residential redevelopment and trail renovation

Three new coastal ecosystem restoration & resilience projects totaling $256.6 million are now under construction in Louisiana

Repurposing and reimagining 7.6-acre site will create resilient, sustainable community and help revitalize downtown Los Angeles

Driven to local extinction by hunters over 50 years ago, it’s time to get serious about reintroducing jaguars into the United States

New York reforests state with “Regenerate NY” cost share program that rewards private land owners for their restorative work

Redevelopers of long-vacant, 213-year-old mill in Massachusetts are repurposing and revitalizing the site into a new community

The most beautiful city in Virginia wins $300,000 to clean up and revitalize local industrial brownfields and vacant buildings

Re:wild, a new global ecological restoration group, has launched a $43 million rewilding effort in the Galapagos Islands

A $16 million restoration project has encased the Brutalist raw concrete of the Grand Théâtre de Québec of Québec City in glass

In his “California Comeback Plan”, Governor Newsom proposes a carbon-neutral $750 million “Community Economic Resilience Fund”