GUEST ARTICLE – Regenerative Agriculture: restoring soil health, herd health, human health and rural economies together

Small Texas city launches 3-phase downtown revitalization but—like most communities—lacks complete strategic renewal process

NAACP launches a task force to revitalize a dying shopping mall, in order to help revitalize an African-American neighborhood

This state has a “Resiliency Thru Restoration Initiative” to prepare for, and recover from, climate-related disasters. Does yours?

In Utah, a mining giant and a university team up to research more effective ways of ecologically restoring toxic old mines

Successful competition allows city to plan revitalization and pedestrianization of historic downtown with 11 private firms

This $93 million redevelopment project in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii will give senior citizens 156 units of affordable housing

Small town hopes this 622-acre brownfield, site of a dead Ford factory, will be reborn to create new generation of industry and jobs

A beautiful island in Detroit, Michigan boasts a globally rare ecosystem that is finally being restored after decades of neglect

25 Maryland ecological restoration projects at 123 Chesapeake Bay sites get $22 million to boost water quality and wildlife habitat

How to revitalize an old industrial area by transforming a derelict stainless steel factory into a university’s fine arts academy

This state has a “Legacy Cities” revitalization initiative to reuse blighted buildings as affordable housing, not just demolish them

$400 million redevelopment of psychiatric campus to revitalize Brooklyn with 900 affordable homes + urban farm & greenspace

$2 billion walkable, transit-oriented, mixed-use redevelopment of dead 52-acre mall to revitalize west end of Alexandria, Virginia

In North Buffalo, NY, the brownfield site of former gas station is being revitalized into much-needed mixed-use affordable housing

Disaster-hit Sonoma County, CA is launching the Russian River Revitalization project with a broad partnership of local stakeholders

This cat is reconnecting wildlife refuges, restoring turtles & falcons, and boosting both resilience & tourism economy in Texas

Baltimore’s revitalized future will benefit from $4 million restoration, redevelopment & expansion of their historic 1901 train station

University of Kansas: Restored and newly-constructed wetlands are the best way to protect streams and rivers from farm runoff

Toronto region watershed restoration organization’s green new headquarters reuses and reconnects their existing site

Britain’s CDC Group invests $36 million in green, affordable housing program focused on the regeneration of South African cities

85% of oyster-related habitat & economy has been lost: construction begins on TNC’s largest oyster restoration project in Florida

A New Jersey mayor’s strategy: revitalize our parks to revitalize neighborhoods; revitalize our neighborhoods to revitalize our city

San Francisco approves redevelopment of parking lots & underutilized building into affordable housing to revitalize Tenderloin

This derelict site has been revitalized and transformed into 16 new affordable homes designed to regenerate the neighborhood

Six towns and counties win $1.5 million from the Virginia Brownfields Restoration and Economic Redevelopment Assistance Fund

This small city in New York will redevelop & integrate eight blighted sites as affordable housing to help revitalize neighborhood

This village’s Waterfront Revitalization Program, comprising 52 renewal projects, has been funded by the state. Here’s why.

Green banking growth trend seeks to boost resilience, reinvent cities and grow inclusive prosperity via public-private partnerships

Small California city reveals their new app, designed to help to revitalize the downtown economy by supporting local businesses