GUEST ARTICLE: As COP26 nears, some thoughts on how communities can build a sustainable, equitable, green economic recoveries

An abandoned, century-old historic railway headquarters ruin is restored & expanded as a beautiful office building in an urban park

The $190 million restoration & revitalization of Newark, New Jersey’s historic Penn Station advances with search for private partner

$7.27 million in grants have been awarded to help revitalize rural U.S. communities by restoring and reusing historic buildings

How do you restore a castle that’s over 1000 years old, and has cannonballs embedded in the walls? Architects reveal how they did it.

Can you guess which U.S. state has recently invested $65 million in strengthening its communities’ resilience to the climate crisis?

3.75 million deforested acres restored: The regeneration of Brazil’s threatened Atlantic Forests is much faster than expected!

Belize joins the global restoration economy with a commitment to restore and protect its mangrove and seagrass ecosystems

100 community revitalization organizations across the United States receive $5 billion in New Markets Tax Credits to support renewal

Small Texas city repurposes historic school as an arts/culture center & creates new park via their $23 million downtown revitalization

“Revitalizing Downtowns Act” to create new tax credit for repurposing obsolete / excess office buildings into residential & mixed-use

Counter to the offices-to-residences trend, 50-year-old energy-inefficient apartments are now a green headquarters building

New redevelopment partnership to turn historic 63-acre Pennsylvania steelmaking site into new industry, including film studio

Guess which U.S. city just gave $7.5 million to 28 local organizations to support downtown and neighborhood economic recovery?

This university in Chicago has renovated the ground floor of a historic 1896 building into a modern wellness center for students

Texas water utility wins EPA award for green infrastructure project to reconnect forests, restore biodiversity and boost resilience

You’ve heard of “rewilding”. Now, “Seawilding” is working to restore marine ecosystems and revitalize coastal economies

RECONOMICS: This $7 billion investment fund thinks there’s money to be made regenerating the world’s oceans. Let’s hope they’re right.

RECONOMICS: How to earn a living repairing our global climate & restoring biodiversity (such as koalas and giant earthworms)

Guess whose $732.3 million public-private partnership will redevelop a historic area into a technology and innovation district?

RECONOMICS: The Tennessee Valley Authority is getting serious about reforesting clearcuts and restoring coal mines in Appalachia

Global food company launches revitalizing new economic model to boost health and social harmony in struggling neighborhoods

New building in Washington, DC’s revitalized Navy Yard has a water harvesting green roof, and will house 1000 people on one block

This transit-oriented infill redevelopment in downtown Salt Lake City promises residents a vibrant, affordable, car-free lifestyle

1 million trees planted: Searching the Congo for a successful forest restoration, human nutrition and renewable energy recipe

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RECONOMICS: Google joins global restoration economy by pledging to become water-positive, and to help restore watersheds

Former auto salvage yards are usually nasty. This one in Vermont is now a community’s biodiversity-enhancing solar energy farm.